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June 1, 2016


SPURT is your New Virtual / Digital Money, created to make it easier to do business. Use it to do business with other SPURT account holders and create new opportunities participating with any party accepting SPURT as payment instrument.
Start using SPURT today and open an account.
SPURT was created using the highest moral standards and is intended to provide benevolence for all humanity. For more information, check out our Terms and Conditions.
SPURT is presented by New Chances to work with moneys on an easy way.

One SPURT is equivalent of one U.S. Dollar (371.25 grains of fine silver) and is listed as a Commodity.

(Please read "What is a dollar?")

SPURT is a platform providing you with the benefit of new ways of doing business. The SPURT Marketplace is a great way to earn SPURT and EURO and buy items with SPURT.

SPURT stands for

  • Burst of growth
  • Burst of speed
  • synonyms are: Spring, Flow

We expect SPURT to express this all.

For better understanding, study the FAQ

What can you do with SPURT?
What is the value of SPURT?