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This is our VISION

Exchange is NOT yet available but you might want to see how we plan to handle the USE of SPURT into the currency of your choice.

Please understand that SPURT in your account is freely available to use within the Terms and Conditions for SPURT. We are not limiting the use of your SPURT. It is your SPURT, your money. Although there will be limitations in the transference of SPURT into other currencies, which is set by the Exchange Houses we work with.

Our main focus is on spreading SPURT worldwide

So that there is no need for exchange because you can use it to pay for the things you want to buy. This way SPURT stays in the system, develops in market value and strengthens the SPURT community.

The Value of SPURT, set by a limited Asset.

Although the value of SPURT is set to one SPURT to one U.S. Dollar or one EURO  (for people living in Europe), many SPURT clients placed a total different value on their SPURT.
This is unethical practise for the use of SPURT and how the value is is regarded in the outside world.
For that reason we developed SPURT+, backed by Assets with a limited amount.
This means that you can do business within the system using SPURT, but if you want to exchange it into other currencies, you will need to convert them into SPURT+ first. This can only be done through commerce or through work for the community. (See SPURT+, Asset Based.)

There is ONE exemption, and that is that clients with an account set up before April 1st, 2017 can pay their debts with SPURT and do not need to earn SPURT+ first. SPURT+ will be needed for buying a house, unless other approval is given.

In the Terms and Conditions and throughout the website we speak about the fact that exchange will be possible by doing business.

"SPURT is a platform that provides you with a new way of doing business.
SPURT is your New Digital Money, created to make it easier to make commercial transactions. It can be used to buy or sell, offer services and goods to other SPURT account holders, and to create new opportunities participating with any party accepting SPURT as an instrument of payment."
We understand that somewhere down the road there will be a need to exchange SPURT for other currencies.
MySPURT will be working with several Exchange Houses through New Chances. For big projects, you might have the option to work with any of them depending on your preference. These Exchange Houses might have a different way of processing exchange requests and fees requirements in relation to exchanging. For your benefit, when they become available for use, you will have access to them via the website for you to carefully consider and revise. Equally, you can always choose New Chances as your intermediary between you and any of the Exchange Houses. Your choice might also be dependant on the country you live in, the specialty of the Exchange House and the amount you would want to work with.
For 95% of the clients, New Chances will be the Exchange House.

If you need money for your daily expenses, your debts, a house, you work directly with the "Sound Prosperity Social Organization" [SPSO].


In some cases, if you do not (yet) have enough funds to pay for your debts or mortgage, or to start the project you really would like to, you can request a loan in SPURT from MySPURT clients who are willing to invest in you. You are required to pay it back using SPURT or another accepted currency, and will have to work for it. Clients interested in helping others, and by that helping themselves, please contact Sound Prosperity.

Urgency plan

New Chances acknowledges the need of some clients and would like the opportunity to remove their burdens first. For that reason, we set the following steps of urgency (see below). You will, after solving this problem, be able to set up your own business or project, which could provide a monthly income for you.

There are three kinds of MySPURT clients

  1. Clients with accounts set up before January 1st, 2017
  2. Clients who signed up after January 1st, 2017
  3. Clients signing up after April 1st, 2017

Step 1 Debit cards

As soon as money is available, each client with a MySPURT account, who signed up before 2017, will receive a debit card with a ONE TIME amount per household of 5000 USD, or Euro if you live in Europe.
For this Debit Card there will be no deduction from your SPURT account yet. Clients with Zero balance will not be able to receive a debit card. Since this is a LOAN to you, for tax reasons, you will have to pay the amount back in SPURT,  to the provider of the Debit Card.

At this stage, you will have irrefutable proof that SPURT CAN BE EXCHANGED, you can upload the debit card again by being active in the MySPURT community through inviting businesses to the MySPURT Marketplace, or by offering to work in your community and activate your community. You can earn SPURT and convert it to SPURT+ to upload onto your card.
At the same time, you can start a project or a business to make sure you can draw an income from this project or business each month. For that purpose you will be able to work with SPURT to facilitate that said project or business. If you require another form of currency besides SPURT to start your project, you will have to bring a business, or businesses, to the Exchange House/s or earn SPURT+ through ways previously outlined. Also see SPURT to SPURT+

Clients who signed up after January 1st, 2017

Clients with an account set up between January 1st and April 1st, 2017 will receive a debit card with a ONE TIME amount of 1000,-- USD or EURO for clients living in Europe, also one card per household.

This is a temporarily offer and will not be available once Debit Cards are openly available.

After this ONE TIME Debit Card payment, you can upload your card with SPURT+ you earned by doing or bringing business and by proven work in and WITH your community. See below that all your debts are paid for and you can begin creating your own business and/or project using your SPURT to get a monthly income. One of the projects might be to buy a house for yourself.

Step 2 Foreclosure

As soon as money is available we will start supporting people undergoing foreclosure. Clients with an account set up before April 1st, 2017 can use their SPURT, to pay for the house in question.
They can offer their mortgage papers. All should be correct and verifiable. The Prosperity Center, through the Personal Account Manager [PAM], will contact the bank and arrange for (partial) payment. This is dependent on the availability of money and on the scale of your mortgage. All such matters will be handled carefully and with due diligence to ensure the process runs smoothly.
Partners of MySPURT will buy the house and you will be able to buy the house back with SPURT or rent it paying with SPURT. For more information, see "Your Home Your Happiness".
In every case we will do our best so the foreclosure can be averted.

Step 3  Debts

As soon as money is available ALL MySPURT clients, with a MySPURT account set up before April 1th 2017, have the right to request a ONE TIME payment of up to 100,000 SPURT (USD or EURO) for their debts. These debts should be verifiable and supported with the necessary paperwork in YOUR OWN name.
  • Upon approval debts will be payable with SPURT for an amount of up to 100,000 as soon as they can be exchanged into USD or EURO or other currencies. We understand that there are countries where the value of 100,000 is much less or much higher than in other countries. We aim to handle all cases individually, however, cases such as that described previously will require further inspection due to the nature of the currency mark-up value and conversion protocols.

A client cannot request payment for debts in the name of any other person, not even for their spouse or children.

These persons can set up their own MySPURT account; the MySPURT account holder will then be able to transfer SPURT as backup for the Debts to the recently opened account.
We think it is important to handle each debt-case independently as a means of understanding the situation the client/s are in financially. The Personal Account Managers [PAM] will look at each of the requests and consider contacting you personally.

What are considered debts?

Utility Bills, Taxes, Medical bills, Insurances. NOT Mortgages. They fall under "Your Home Your Happiness" foreclosures under Step 2.
You should be able to present all necessary bills and make clear who the beneficiaries are as they will be paid directly. Bills should be verifiable, and if there are interest and/or encashment fees added we would need to see the original amount. This is necessary as we might negotiate with the enforcement office in question. We will pay the enforcement offices, if necessary, and your debtors directly.
You will have to include a form, explaining your personal situation, so that we can understand your situation more thoroughly. The Personal Account Manager will look at your situation and will consider contacting you.
You will have to include a form, explaining your personal situation, so that we can understand your situation more thoroughly. The Personal Account Manager will look at your situation and will consider contacting you.

If you want to get rid of the mortgage of your house, you will need SPURT+. Please see the rules and guidelines. There will be a Personal Account Manager who can look at special cases who might fall under foreclosure, see above, even though the situation is not yet unstable.

Step 4 Having become Debt Free and perhaps even Mortgage Free you want to start your Project or Business

We motivate all clients to DO something with their SPURT to create more SPURT, SPURT+ or other currencies of choice. Also see SPURT to SPURT+.
Suppose you start a business/project, in the business plan you include a monthly income you want to have in your currency.
You might say, I am too old to start a business or I don't have a business mind. In that case support someone who CAN start a business or a project. You can be on the board as a commissioner and get paid for your contribution. There might even be SPURT clients who just joined who you can help to start, and earn an income that way.

Step 5 Clients who opened an account after January first 2017

In fact, all programs count for these clients too, but we need to be able to handle the clients who opened an account before that date first.

Clients who attempt to misuse these great offers do so at the risk of their accounts being frozen.

In partnering with the Sound Prosperity Social Organization, [SPSO], we will also bring :
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