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Examples how you can work with SPURT NOW:

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Dean wants to assist SPURT clients to learn to do commerce.

Example: Dean is selling computers.  He knows a SPURT client, Erik, who wants to buy a new computer.
Dean allows him to buy 10 computers with a rebate of 20%. Erik pays Dean 1.5 times the total amount of the value of the selling price of the computers in SPURT on Dean's account.
Dean might provide Erik one computer (the computer he will earn) as an example.
Now Erik starts to sell the computers (or even other types), which Dean still has in his shop. After Erik sold them, he comes back to Dean and buys back the SPURT Erik provided as a guarantee for the value of the computers. Erik pays for them with the currency Dean is using (which he received from the people he sold the computers too.) Dean delivers the computers and Erik delivers them to the people who bought the computers. Dean offers the service and guarantee as usual. Erik can offer his clients 10% rebate and earned the computer.

Get a compensation for the SPURT you use in your business

Dean will still have the overpayment of 50% in SPURT, plus the 20% he did not need to sell to Erik, so he still has 70% in SPURT. If Dean USES the SPURT to pay his own suppliers, Dean will be compensated for the used SPURT 100%. Which means that Dean did not spend any SPURT and got the products for free.
Dean does not NEED to sell all the SPURT back to Erik, for he might prefer to use the SPURT to do business instead, and get them 100% compensated. Perhaps Dean can even hire Erik to speak to his suppliers for him.

Another example:

Caroline is baking delicious cakes. Anne is a SPURT client and offers her to sell 10 of her cakes to her. Anne pays Caroline 1.5 times the value of all the cakes upfront in SPURT on her account. Caroline offers Anne two cakes of the ten for free.
Anne starts selling the cakes and might be in contact with Caroline so she knows what day she should deliver them.
Anne finds a hotel,which wants to buy 10 of Caroline's cakes per day.
Anne signs the contract and provides them a rebate of 10 cakes for the price of nine.
The next day she picks up the cakes and brings them to the hotel, where she receives the money to pay for the nine cakes.

How does Caroline get paid in the currency of choice?

Anne buys back from Caroline SPURT for 80% of the value of the Cakes and pays with the currency she received. She earned the price of one cake. She helps Caroline by speaking to the supplier of the flour, and he agrees to be paid with SPURT too. Caroline receives a 100% compensation for these USED SPURT, so now she can bake the cakes cheaper.  Since Ann arranged all this, Caroline decides to give Anne a rebate of 30% instead of 20%.

Even more business

Anne finds other bakers, using that flour supplier too, and pay with SPURT too. She now not only is selling Cakes to hotels and restaurants but also sells them bread. She found 5 B&B and even found a Supermarket willing to buy "her" bread.

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