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SPURT is exchangeable through a commercial process (business).

SPURT is there to do business inside the system or inside the SPURT Cryptosystem. If you want an exchange for SPURT, you cannot EXPECT that through MySPURT, because our goal is, from the beginning, to do business inside the system.  We noticed that all are just waiting on an exchange instead of using SPURT. We are losing value by this expectation, because it is putting us on hold.

If you want to exchange, you will need to DO something yourself. We believe, by separating SPURT from the expectation of exchange, we increase value to SPURT.

Five Options:

We are offering at least five options. All five are accepting, amongst others, SPURT. They offer, for SPURT, or projects, special banking instruments to connect to banks.
You should be aware that is not as easy as you might think, for they are all working with the debt-free system, which is not what banks are happy to use. Therefore good connections and the ability to explain and prepare the transactions are crucial.
For all of them counts: Cash transfers to conventional banks (like Barclays or Bank of America) are available for clients that have placed their money via these banks.
For other clients, like those bringing SPURT, they are glad to place an instrument as collateral (underlaying value) for a loan. After that, they can implement buy-sell transactions and using the cash to finance a project.

All these business partners have their own rules and regulations, and there are always costs involved.

That is what we can offer, besides the use of SPURT itself, which is, especially in local communities and the TimeBank, an excellent way to use SPURT.
Yes, we can understand that, as long as SPURT is not totally accepted in those communities, especially for significant investments, other currencies might be needed. We need to start small and grow confidence and then connect to larger communities and even governments.

What are the exchange possibilities?

REAL business!
With real business, we mean:
  1. BARTER.
  2. Business in Blockchain. If you are seriously interested in big business through Blockchain, we will connect you to our partner doing this.
  3. Business with FT Asset Management.
  4. Business with NVC Fund.
  5. Business with Howse Services.
  6. Business with any other business partner you wish to work with.
  7. Connection back to IBOM, which opened their doors again and MIGHT accept SPURT. Direct connections are needed.


 Barter, which is accessible for all MySPURT clients.