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While banks offer interest and have SWIFT capabilities, SPURT is neither an exchange house nor a bank. It is a platform bringing people together who wish to do business using SPURT. 

The purpose of SPURT is to stimulate business ventures. That is how SPURT is received. SPURT can be combined with other currencies or moneys. Create more business and make higher profits by adding SPURT in business deals.

You can earn SPURT by using the Marketplace in your MySPURT account. Buy and sell products and earn on them, ALSO in EURO.
By offering your products to MySPURT, you will earn 200% of the selling price immediately in SPURT and support your city and country!

You can earn EURO and SPURT by promoting SPURT.

With the New Promotion Deal, even more options are available!

And of course you can earn SPURT if you enter the program "I offer a job", in which you can earn by doing what you already are doing and for which you do not get paid. Add promoting SPURT to it and you will receive, during one year, SPURT as monthly payment on your account.