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Do not SPEND money, while buying items.

Businesses can buy products/services but instead of SPENDING their money, they can WORK WITH US to get the product for free.

Frank is selling cars, Volkswagens.

Times are not as good as before... John is his friend and he is going through a tough time. So for both friends things could be better. Frank decides to help John and help himself at the same time.

Frank knows that Volkswagen is a very good car, even if all people are speaking badly about them. Frank heard about the opportunity to buy anything for free. His mind goes: "This is too good to be true, but it is also too good to ignore."

If he could buy the Volkswagens without spending his money, that would give him the opportunity to save his business.

He knows though that he cannot do this on his own. His business is too small to start trading, but... how can he find others with the same problem? How can he Pay Forward this opportunity?

He will ask John. John always knew already how to explain things to people and when he can explain this, he would be willing to provide him 20% of the total amount of the Purchase Order he would need for 50 cars (40,000$ ). He understands that John cannot wait to receive the money if he has to work on this, so he offers him to pay 1/10th (or negotiated) upfront in cash. Of course he pays him upfront the total 40.000 in SPURT.

Frank explains John how this is working:


Frank has to put the amount he would need to pay for the 50 Volkswagens on a blocked account. Let's say it would be wholesale price $100,000.00. This money will be combined with other business people who also have the money to pay for what they need to buy, but do not want to spend the money. They all realize that there are fees involved so they calculate what they want to receive including what they have to pay the traders, sponsors and John and his people and set the amount for the purchase order to 200% of what they need.

How will JOHN proceed?


Having a lot of relationships, John offers all of them that if they find a company interested in buying something without spending money, they might arrange the same deal he arranged with Frank.

He and his friends will look for businesses and/or individuals, ready, willing and able to buy what they want, having the money available, but not willing to SPEND it. With each of them he makes a RWA (Ready Willing and Able) contract. 

As soon as enough money is gathered,  this is in constant communication with New Chances, let's say: $20,000,000.00 -$200,000,000.00 the prepared deal will start. Profits will show with each trade and the ordered items will be bought with those profits. Also all fees for traders, sponsor, John's people etc will be paid out of the profits.

Clients working on this level will work with New Chances to finish the actions they need to perform.

Good news: As soon as SPURT is starting to trade itself, trades will be done on a continuous basis and the time between starting to work on this and the delivery of the required goods will be a lot shorter.