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Can we agree on something?

Can we agree that you listen and that we answer all your questions?

Can we agree that we are providing you GOOD business and that YOU do not need to deliver yet?

We are offering you to become part of our digital currency SPURT!
SPURT is worldwide known and has many clients. SPURT is THE Digital Currency to do business with. ANY business! As long as it is Humanity Plus!

Did we get your attention?

You might not yet have heard of SPURT, but you will hear about it soon everywhere. You can profit now from being at the front and being offered additional possibilities.

What is our commitment to you?

You can now sell your future production from one year and receive two times the value of your year production in SPURT immediately. NO COSTS INVOLVED! You can now support your community and your country, and your MySPURT account still has 1,5 times the value of your year production in SPURT! (See our Business concept.)

What is your commitment to us?

You commit to accepting SPURT for your products AS SOON AS SPURT IS EXCHANGEABLE. Before that happens, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DELIVER ANY PRODUCT. Only AFTER exchange is possible, you will have to accept that your clients can pay with SPURT through their Mobile App.
It will happen soon though :).

In the meantime, you can USE your SPURT to BUY the products or services you need to get this production. That means that you can start NOW finding suppliers and pay them with the SPURT you received already. They too do not have to deliver their products until they can exchange or USE their SPURT again to pay their suppliers, making SPURT circulating within the system.

What can you earn?

First of all, you will be paid for your products immediately!
For every new business, you can interest in the use of SPURT, you will receive NOW 20% (after the exchange is possible it will be 10%) of twice the value of the products they will sell to NEW CHANCES. Now realize that the company you are buying from probably is a more significant company than yours. Suppose they sell 100.000. You would receive 20% of 200.000 (40.000) in SPURT on your account! This gives you again the opportunity to support your city and your country, and you will have your SPURT account increased with 30.000!

What is the other advantage for you as a referrer of the business?

But that is not all! You can not only USE the SPURT to pay for goods and services, but you also can exchange 2% of your earned SPURT into the exchangeable SPURT+.

BUT THAT IS NOT ALL; we saved the best for the end!

At least during the first 6 months of you being a MySPURT business client, you will get a compensation of 25% of all SPURT you USE to buy products you need for your business. This means that you buy your products for FREE!

We got your attention, didn’t we?

Ask your referrer for more information! Or contact us!

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