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SPURT Donations and Loans

“The men of greatest usefulness are those who have a surplus;
those who have only good will and love for their fellows cannot equal in well-doing
those who have money and success to their credit.”
-E.W. Howe

SPURT Clients are Paying Forward to other clients  Loans and Donations to support clients with a budget not high enough to start the project they want to start. This project might even be to buy a house, or save them from foreclosure. It might be for any humanitarian project, startup businesses in your own country or in any other country. You can decide yourself what you want to do. You are FREE. We will respect your wishes, and appreciate what you want to support to make the world a better place. Please fill in the below form.


If people want to work with SPURT and they can produce something, or offer a service, they can receive a loan, with a term of 12 months, from the funds collected above.
The loan can be, for example, 5000 SPURT. You have to pay 3% interest and the part of the payback of the loan each three months. You can pay the interest and the pay back of the loan both with products, SPURT or USD.

The loans can, if necessary, have an extended period.
The products we accept from you for the interest and loan, can be sold by us (or a cooperative providing the loan) and for the received money, products will be bought which cannot be bought with SPURT and can make your business grow. These products are sold in SPURT.