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We want to work with all those people who are already doing voluntary work. We want to encourage you to start in your own community, an organization where you can help each other and “sell” your services, your talents. It is good for the community and it is good for you, for you would do what you LOVE to do! You get to know other people and you have a better social life. You can find real friends, instead of Social Media friends.
Let us look at a plan we already offered before, but which is now possible through a system, so we can SHOW, by a video, what we mean.

We partnered with a party willing to be the support and Backoffice of this system of the, hopefully, worldwide community. But let us focus at first on your local community.

The system is called Timebank and we have our own Timebank.

In a Timebank you trade your time for the time of another person. Suppose you cut my hair and I will shorten your pants. You will repair my fence and I help you in your garden, but also, I will work for you in your shop to do the bookkeeping, because I did that my whole life and are now unemployed. We exchange each hour with Time dollars. In the case of the unemployed financial advisor, doing your administration, he could connect to a woman willing to clean his house or take care of his garden, or for his wife, who is suffering dementia. But he can also use part of his Time dollars for SPURT, since we, as Sound Prosperity have an extra option, we can offer to buy your Time dollars from you and provide SPURT,
We invite you to look at the American Timebank website to see what we mean and start getting ideas. We will have our own Timebank, but cannot give you the link yet, before the support system is ready.
Please start to THINK about this already. Use this Christmas time to SPEAK about it with your friends, your family, your church, your Club. Let us make the world a better place, starting with your own community. Read the blog to become inspired! (If you live in America, you might even find a Timebank in the USA already
We hope to be ready next month with the support team and we will provide you the link to our own SPURT Timebank. For those interested, please study already what is offered, but please wait with subscription until we provide you the link. Since our partner is dealing with this, we have to respect that. We show you some video’s that might inspire you for preparation is very important. Get idea’s talk to all you know! Perhaps announce in a local paper that you want to work with your community. This
The video’s show that you can do what we asked you to do, being social active.