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We are providing what we PLAN to do.
Remember: Conversion is NOT possible as you might expect it, but through Business it sure is.

The reason that we provide this plan is, that we do not want any misunderstanding about what SPURT is and what can be done with SPURT in the future.

Sound Prosperity is a member based Social Organization. One of them, New Chances, offered SPURT to the world. To be able to support MySPURT clients in handling their SPURT according to Terms and Conditions of MySPURT, New Chances makes use of the Prosperity Centers worldwide, initiated by Sound Prosperity.

Sound Prosperity is working with Exchange houses and private people to make conversion of SPURT possible, but a SPURT client can only work via a Prosperity Center.  A SPURT client cannot have any access directly to any of the Exchange houses. Any conversion of SPURT can ONLY take place in working with a Prosperity Center.

The reason for working this way is that we have a legal responsibility and an obligation to our Terms and Conditions.

If you are a person willing to offer assistance for the conversion of SPURT or want to do business with Sound Prosperity or any of their businesses, you will be able to contact Sound Prosperity directly.

Tasks of a Prosperity Center

The first task of a Prosperity Center is to assist SPURT clients to be able to use SPURT for their needs and be able to benefit from the conversion of SPURT if that will ever be requested by receivers of SPURT for their goods or services. (This because conversion might not even be what they want, when they would understand that SPENDING money is not what SPURT wants for you.)

Each country or even region might have their own Prosperity Center.
The Prosperity Centers will work with Personal Account Managers [PAM], Business Account Managers [BAM] and Key Account managers [KAM] and a Board of KAM's. (see below.)

Read more on how we vision the Prosperity Centers.

Prosperity Centers fall under the Sound Prosperity Social Organization

They have a Home, Health, Job and Education plan where you can earn SPURT and find compensations of your costs. Sound Prosperity is offering support in the USE of SPURT.