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How can I convert SPURT into other currency?
What are the rules to convert SPURT to SPURT+?
Can I exchange SPURT for Bitcoin?
Can I exchange SPURT through PayPal or my bank account?
I earned my SPURT by being a Homeschooler, could I bring a supplier of books?
I know several NGO's, can I bring them instead of businesses?
I am a volunteer and receive SPURT through "I offer a Job" what do I have to do to convert it to SPURT+?
I am now 86 and not able to go out to businesses. Is my case lost?
You speak about bringing business, what do you mean by that?
You speak about an automatic business, done to convert SPURT+ to currency of choice, what do you mean by that?
Where can I find the possibility to buy, with my SPURT+ the product that I can resell?
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