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New Chances, Switzerland, the initiator of MySPURT Digital Internal Currency, confirms to all people of the world, that the digital currency MySPURT has the official value of one (1) Euro or the equivalent. This value must be executed by all the holders of the currency, and any national or international business must be subject to this value. MySPURT is to be used INSIDE the system only.

The digital currency SPURT has the objective of being the currency with purchasing power for international circulation, developing international trade objectives, so that there is a reciprocal relationship between nations and that there is an opportunity for sustainable development, thereby creating greater opportunities in the quality of life and the environment.

MySPURT internal currency is designed to execute all kinds of economic services, whether private or governmental, as well as for organizations and institutions to make development sustainable, efficient and in real-time.

MySPURT meets the requirements of humanity since we are human beings with a comprehensive capacity, and as such we must develop our capabilities, and the tools, as well as the economy, at the service of all.
MySPURT promotes education, ecological agriculture, the development of micro science as macro, organized labor, culture, fair trade, caring for the environment, and finally the intellectual edification of all human beings in order to meet, and value to be the entity with intergalactic capacity and be able to coexist with the other entities that exist in the infinite universe.
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MySPURT was created using the highest moral standards and is intended to provide benevolence for all humanity. For more information, check out our Terms and Conditions.
There are two kinds of MySPURT. One can be compaired with Private Banking where you would work with the Business Account Managers or Key Account Managers. This is called MegaSPURT. The other is more for your daily use. This one is called MySPURT.

SPURT stands for

  • Burst of growth
  • Burst of speed
  • synonyms are: Spring, Flow

We expect MySPURT to express this all.

What can you do with MySPURT?