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MySPURT is created for the purpose of providing benevolence for all of humanity. Our digital currency can only be used for business ventures that enhance and enrich mankind and our users will not waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind.
Our Vision is to provide people with internal money in our system, that is not subject to inflation or devaluation; money that reflects the real value of what the people put in – businesses, jobs, ideas, services, etc. Our digital currency was created to make it easier, for all, to do business and be in the flow of life and creation, innovation – our future.

Our vision is to inspire Your vision, so that together we can build a real and honest marketplace, by the people for the people, locally and globally. We are creating this in mutual benefit, together, as the diversified communities of users both locally and globally. Ultimately we envision a global true alternative, an equitable and private economy that is free of debt and free of usury.

Our mission, to enhance and enrich mankind, can be found in our complete Terms and Conditions, and is summarized with this quote:
“I declare and affirm that MySPURT will be used to enhance and enrich mankind, that I only use my funds for business ventures with a good purpose (not evil ones) and that I will not knowingly waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind.”

Where do we stand for

We are a community believing in trust, transparency, and ethics. We are a community willing to work with people all over the world, who are willing to exercise their skills, with a mindset focused on succeeding and sharing their experiences without much hindrance or condition.
We stand for SOLIDARITY vs. Charity. We stand for you AND me vs. you OR me. We stand for sufficiency for all vs believing in scarcity. We motivate and support, also financially, people to be more than they ever thought they could be for themselves and their community and country. We are convinced that to take initiative through commerce is the best route to this better life.
MySPURT INTERNAL DIGITAL CURRENCY is the efficient alternative currency, with ethics and with real support of values ​​as well as products and services we bring to communities, pay for their service to the community, by which the community can become stronger.
In our community, there is no speculation or debt promotion; on the contrary, we are dedicated to bringing a balanced economy, where the development of humanity and the care of the environment is put first.
MySPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY is the currency that aims to conduct community trade across the face of the planet at all social levels and run the currency as an efficient medium real time so that sustainable development is not delayed or diminishes its objective.
MySPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY is consolidated by an extensive international family, non-governmental organizations, schools, hospitals, intuitions, associations, cooperatives of sustainable and financial development, international companies who are dedicated to the purchase and sale of products and services, technology, development of industries, etc.
MySPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY develops humanitarian projects, in education, infrastructure, health, agriculture, environment, reforestation, technology, and renewable energy, and community trade, national and international, creation of opportunities for all levels in order for humanity to achieve its goal, to be to be higher in your spiritual level and to maintain harmony with all that surrounds us.