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What to expect

For you as SPURT account holder:
  • SPURT is a platform for business. The size of this platform is based on its user community. A larger community means a larger platform and this means more and larger opportunities.
  • SPURT is a digital and complementary money with which you can buy and sell products and services from any party willing to accept SPURT as payment.
  • Your Work Center can help you understand how you can use SPURT to obtain USD. To achieve this, you must be prepared to go through a learning process.
  • Transferring SPURT to other accounts is free of charge.
  • Referring people to SPURT is a great way of earning money in your PayPal account. It also provides you SPURT.
  • Referring people to do business by selling products is also a good way to earn money in your PayPal account and to earn SPURT.
  • You will notice that we forward you to information provided by the organisation we work with: Sound Prosperity. You might find information for doing business also if you work with other Work Centers.
  • BUSINESS done with SPURT can be done with ANY company outside of SPURT too.
For vendors:
  • Vendors can sell their products and services in advance. They need only supply the moment they receive the order to deliver.
  • Vendors get paid in advance in SPURT. They receive 1,5 times their selling price.
  • Vendors and suppliers can do business in SPURT.

What not to expect

  • SPURT will work with you, but will not do the work for you. In order to succeed you need to be involved in enlarging the network of people using SPURT.
  • SPURT is not exchangeable into other currencies, except through business.