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The value of SPURT is NOT in the money.

The value is in the things we DO for each other.
Money is just a way of keeping score.
Think on the monopoly board game. This is the same.

Because I have a hotel and I give you a place to stay when you are travelling. I give you services, like food and laundry. Money is just a way of keeping track of what you have done for me and what I have to give you in return. Instead of paying with money from a bank, it could be beans, buttons or SPURT. THAT is the importance of money.

But some people say: When you do not get the money from Credit Suisse it is not real.

But that is just another company!
What is important to me is that I have a clean bed tonight, not whether or not Credit Suisse is open in the morning.
People have forgotten that.
They are confused.
People think that it is OUR responsibility to un-confuse them.
But WE did not confuse them. The media messed their head up with what they put in it. 
My job is to show them that this CAN work.
If you can undo the mess in your head and look at this clearly, you can see that the value is not in the type of money you are paying with, if it is plastic, red, or pink. That is all part of the illusion. It is part of the matrix.

What is important is that you have a roof over your head, that you have food to eat and some other essential services.
If I have a construction company that makes the roads, I am doing something that helps all of us.
If I am the person who brings the water to the cities, I am helping all of us.
It does not matter if you pay me with the corn that you grow, or the milk from your cow or with the curtains you sew, I am getting something back for the work I do for you.
People are SO confused!
They think that if I not doing pay THEIR way, I am trying to cheat them. 

Cities, even countries found ways around the "Normal" banking system. In Switzerland there is BIG business this way. (WIR BANK)

How can it be that businesses, working many years successfully, doctors working their whole life, have no money to invest? Work with your SPURT using the different options we present.

If you have ideas how to use SPURT, share them with us!