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What to expect

For you as SPURT account holder:
  • SPURT is a platform for business. The size of this platform is based on its user community. A larger community means a larger platform and this means more and larger opportunities.
  • This means that each client is required to do business with SPURT. If you do not do at least one buy sell transaction in one year, your account will be determined.
  • SPURT is a digital and complementary money with which you can buy and sell products and services from any party willing to accept SPURT as payment.
  • Transferring SPURT to other accounts is free of charge.
  • Referring people to SPURT is a great way of showing our community that you are enlarging the business platform. It also provides you SPURT.
  • Referring people to do business by selling products is also a good way to earn SPURT.
  • You will notice that we forward you to information provided by the organisation we work with: Sound Prosperity.
  • BUSINESS done with SPURT can be done with ANY company outside of SPURT too.
For vendors:
  • Vendors can sell their future products and services. They need only supply the moment they receive the order to deliver.
  • Vendors get paid in advance in SPURT. They receive 1,5 times their selling price.
  • Vendors and suppliers can do business in SPURT.

What not to expect

  • SPURT will work with you, but will not do the work for you. In order to succeed you need to be involved in enlarging the network of people using SPURT.
  • SPURT is not exchangeable into other currencies, except through business.