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June 15th, 2016

ALL of us together, buyers and sellers, will have to bring the Marketplace to work!
See GOOD OFFER for both of you!

As a SPURT account holder you can buy and sell your products and services at MySPURT Marketplace.
Start today and offer products for sale.
You can also be a surrogate for someone offering products or services. You will receive a percentage for doing so from the supplier.

If you have products for sale, your own or those of others, you will be able to add these products to the Marketplace. All SPURT account holders can offer their products and services and if they offer their total production for one year to MySPURT Marketplace, and can receive immediate payment in SPURT 50% upfront for doing so. This way they can start doing business with their own suppliers and pay them with SPURT.
Find companies interested in offering their products and services here. They can offer their products in their own currencies and accept SPURT as part of the payment.They will be compensated 100% for the SPURT they use to do business themselves. This means that you get the goods for free! (See explanation on how compensation works.)

It is interesting to learn HOW you can do business through MySPURT Marketplace.


We also want to offer Services.

You are a retired painter and want to earn SPURT now... You can repair cars and are willing to accept SPURT..... You are willing to clean windows for an elderly person...You offer your services to look after the children of your neighbour.
Are you making attractive, useful items which you could offer for sale? Do you know others doing this?
We are also planning a Second-Hand department trading in SPURT, if there is a need to do this.

Let us know what interests you!

See also SPURT Local. You can support your local community.

See Flyers for your local community.

We are also planning:

Buying and saving houses for people undergoing foreclosure (Europe first.)
We are looking for painters, contractors, carpenters etc. to repair these houses and do backdated maintenance.
The houses will have clean energy and we need suppliers for that. We require gardeners, car dealers, etc. to make the lives for people experiencing these hardships easier.
We want to work with hotels, where they can have a vacation, while we repair their house. We are looking for a variety of alternative therapies, so that they can regain good health. 
For the SPURT Healthplan, in cooperation with Sound Prosperity, we are looking for doctors, clinics and all kinds of medical aid for all types of illnesses.

We want to offer jobs and find jobs for unemployed people. Disabled people can do useful work when given support and direction. We require people to assist with the elderly.

YOU bring it to our attention and we will make it come true in our MySPURT Marketplace!
Send us your ideas and we WILL work with them. But also offer your help!! This is a tremendous challenge!!

Become a Vendor
Offer products for sale
Suppliers offer to Marketplace
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