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Don't you have any product you can sell?
See the tutorial on how to add the product to the Marketplace.
Buy products on consignation and sell them through MySPURT Shop before you order and pay them.
You do not know how this will function?
We offer all help you need.

Remember, you are arranged into groups (see explanation of your account).
Login and see what is offered there. This might change each day.
It could for example look like this:


Suppose you were to click on Mesa Arch at Canyonsland Utah, you would see:

On the left hand side you see My Advertisements.
If you were to go there in your own account, you would see the option to place your own advertisements.
Do you know what we have to offer you, and with you, a vendor you might know? Please study all you can read about the Shop.

You might want to know more about this vendor.

You click on the number of the owner and you will see his/her information:


If you live in Europe you would see:

These images change each day, of course, for as soon as you have something to sell, you would add it here.