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Send a Pro forma Invoice to NEW CHANCES.

1. Set the product price,
2. add transport fees and insurance fees,
3. add your SPURT account number.
If the product or services are of interest to NEW CHANCES and can be placed in the MySPURT Marketplace, you will instantaneously receive the 50% of the total amount on your SPURT account.   

There is a fee involved of 2‰ of the selling price. See, what fees are required.
You can place the product on the Marketplace yourself and receive the SPURT from the clients too! This way you earn not only the 50% in advance, but also the amount clients pay you in SPURT and in the currency of choice. 
You will provide the goods and services with guarantee directly to the client after full payment in SPURT and in the currency of choice.

See how you can get a compensation if you USE the received SPURT for business you do yourself. This is what it is all about. USE your SPURT, so this will be a closed circle. 


  1. You will receive the value of the offered products/services in SPURT instantaneously. You can start doing business with these SPURT NOW. 
  2. If you would use your SPURT to pay for the goods and services you need for your own business, you would be compensated 100%. This way you get the products or services for free.
  3. You will receive a FREE SPURT account and your Sponsor too!