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In Metamask the Network system, at the top right is normally set to Ethereum.
We need to change that to BSC Network, when we want to work with the SPU we now can buy,
Please realize that you are NOT buying them from SPURT. You do NOT pay MySPURT! You pay for the currency you buy, or ask us to buy for you, to get SPU.

You are just an INVESTOR. Just as if you would want to buy Bitcoin.

As we all know, people who bought the first Bitcoin are smiling a big smile today!
All want to jump on this train, but now that Bitcoin is so expensive, not many can do that. But there we have SPURT Crypto! 😊
Yes, it is not our goal to become as expensive as Bitcoin is, but we want to provide value to our coin.
How did Bitcoin become so valuable? Simply, people bought them. What is not bought does not have value. How can you make value? By motivating your supporters to buy SPU Crypto now.
But remember, in Crypto you cannot RETRIEVE your password NOR your private Key. When you lose them, you lost all on your account! You also would never lose your 8 phrases for your Metamask account! You can NEVER retrieve them!

I just read that one person lost 79 Million, because he lost his private key. So be CAREFUL!!
See how to change your Network System.

Once your Metamask is ready and you have your BNB on your Metamask, see how you can swap them to SPU,