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SPURT+ Asset-Backed

Within the SPURT-SYSTEM, clients have been using SPURT as BARTER to do commerce based on a different model for SPURT than the original ONE USD for ONE SPURT model, or ONE EURO for ONE SPURT, based on what people are offering and accepting. There are also parties paying clients large sums in SPURT for their services without realizing the true value of SPURT. This is allowed but is working towards devaluing SPURT.
To protect SPURT from devaluing we created SPURT+ and determined the value of SPURT+ based on a limited amount of assets. One (1) SPURT+ equals three (3) EURO. SPURT+ is exchangeable but limited. You can buy SPURT+ or work for them by bringing commerce to MySPURT. SPURT+ can be used to buy SPU+Crypto with a value of three (3) EURO.
Other SPURT can be used to do barter business, within the system and can be used as collateral.  

All clients can take advantage of the Terms & Conditions for the USE of SPURT. This will allow them to pay their debt with their "normal" SPURT and earn, through the SPURT+Crypto, an amount to make life easier. Only for that purpose you can request a conversion from SPURT to SPURT+ without explantion on how you earned the SPURT. Please see also "How NEW clients can start", if you do not yet understand how you can work with and earn SPURT.

SPURT is and will be the means to do commerce, to barter.

Commerce is also the way to use your SPURT as barter, or get a conversion from your SPURT into SPURT+.

How can you get SPURT+?

  1. You will need a MySPURT account. A Sponsor can refer you and pay a fee from 500 SPU for your account to be opened or you pay 500 EURO, which will show in your account in SPURT+.

  2. You can earn SPURT+ by connecting to businesses who will accept SPURT. This is very lucrative.

  3. Here are some examples on how you can earn SPURT. This is important information, because it also explains how you can start with SPURT with no SPURT at all.
  4. In the MySPURT Marketplace, SPURT+ can be used to buy and sell products and receive SPURT that way.

  5. You can sell your future production to present in the MySPURT Marketplace. You will receive SPURT for the products you sell. After selling products paid for with SPURT, you can convert the received SPURT for the exchangeable SPURT+. Please see the Business Concept for SPURT and the PROMOTION!

  6. You can sell your future services too. Suppose you are a doctor and want to support your patients by accepting SPURT. You could sell the turnover expected for the next year, and receive SPURT for that immediately. You start to buy medicines and equipment with SPURT, so you can have them compensated and do not need to pay them with your currency. You might pay your staff, at least partially with SPURT, by paying them through the SPURT Jobs" program. You can convert the SPURT to the exchangeable SPURT+.

  7. You can also generate SPURT+ through doing volunteer work. Present the volunteered hours to Sound Prosperity, promote SPURT barter system, and in doing so, be ready for negotiation for conversion of your SPURT into SPURT+ and use them in the Marketplace.

  8. Suppose you are a Health Care provider, providing FREE Health Care. You can sell this service too! Calculate what you would earn a year when the patients would pay you. You would receive SPURT so that you, for example, can buy another Mobile Car to be re-structured to be a small hospital. Your patients can pay you in SPURT they earn by being part of Your Health Your Happiness. You are perhaps organizing free medical care weekends once a year. What could you accomplish, when you can do that in different area's and more than once a year and pay all doctors and nurses with SPURT? You could also buy the medicines with SPURT by talking to the suppliers to accept SPURT, which businesses can exchange in the exchangeable SPURT+.

  9. You live in rural areas. Jobs are gone. The standard of living is low. You can organize a think-tank where people speak about the future of the area. What could you start there? New factories, clean energy projects, production of some area-specific things, tourism? What can you do to make your area better?

  10. Someone can Offer you a Job through the "SPURT Jobs program". You will get paid in SPURT.

  11. You might consider working for SPURT in the Prosperity Centres or in setting them up, like PAM, BAM or KAM. In doing that you get access to the support to convert SPURT into SPURT+

  12. You may wish to start a project, pay for it with SPURT and earn an income out of that project. Your initiative will cause that you can negotiate conversion of SPURT to SPURT+.

  13. You can work for Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] and earn SPURT,  and negotiate partial conversion to SPURT+ doing so.

  14. We welcome you to offer any other suggestions, where commerce or work for the community is concerned, to MySPURT and the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] will look at your proposal and consider following up on your advised idea.

How can I use SPURT+ to get other currencies?

  1. Now that other currencies are available, SPURT requires that you PROMOTE SPURT before you can have a conversion from your SPURT to SPURT+. Please see information on the Promotion of SPURT in the SPURT+ FAQ.
  2. If you have SPURT+ because you bought them, you will be able to exchange at this moment at least 90% within one month.

Information on a METAMASK ACCOUNT


See T&C for the USE of SPURT.

How NEW clients can start to work with SPURT supported by our funds.