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SPURT is the purse to set up businesses! It is meant to be used to do commerce and grow your business. SPURT can be used as a Barter system.

SPURT is NOT there to just give you Cryptomoney, and by that Euro or the currency of your choice in exchange of the SPURT, you just received. If you do that, we miss all the chances IN the SPURT system itself. You need to understand that SPURT is there to support your community to prosper! Your community can be your church, your city, your club, your NGO etc.
If you can start paying your suppliers with SPURT as a barter system, your life is better.

Sound Prosperity is the social part of SPURT.

Sound Prosperity wants all of you to have a house, a car, health-care (SELF-care) and education. We want no one to have debt. THAT is the reason for you to have a SPURT account. You will NOT profit when you THINK: the ONLY important thing is to get Crypto. Why not?
Because when SPURT is staying in the system you can much easier use it and that way safe it for your greater goals, as a house.

How do you earn SPURT to have this good life we want you to have?

You show Sound Prosperity that you do good things for the community and earn SPURT doing so and, or also earn the currency of choice as a business owner. What do we mean by good things for the community?
  • ANY business uplifting for humanity is a reason for Sound Prosperity consider a transfer from SPURT (used to Barter) to SPURT in Ethereum.
  • Businesses can be small, one person, or working in a team. But the meaning is that you can earn something, which means you earn currency of your choice.  (See example 1, below.)
  • NGO’s
  • Support your Church or any Club.

Businesses and private clients can profit a lot by working with SPURT to barter.

  • Businesses can pay their staff with SPURT, which causes more SPURT in your account to pay for products and services you can pay for with SPURT.
  • Businesses can earn SPURT by accepting SPURT for the products and services.
  • Businesses and any client can earn SPURT by promoting SPURT.
  • Businesses with good plans can apply for a loan in SPURT from the Sound Prosperity Business Funds, available through funding our larger clients.
  • Clients who want to buy a house or pay their debt and do not have enough funds can apply for a loan from our Sound Prosperity Social Fund, available through funding by our larger clients.

Give and you will be given!

Example 1:

In your city, there are people with debts. You, or you together with your church, start an LLC to help church members or inhabitants of your city to redeem their debts. The Sound Prosperity Social Fund is available to provide a ONE TIME loan. (One Time for we will take them by the hand to not fall back in debts). The creditors might be paid with SPURT in Ethereum, or, if it is the government, like for taxes, the SPURT/ETH can be exchanged into currency of choice.
You, as LLC president, can have an income out of that LLC, for example by adding a certain percentage to the debts.

How can they pay back the SPURT loan?

They can earn SPURT by doing supporting the community. Work with children, clean, repair, work in parks, in the church, in the football club, help with homework, give extra education, start a club where children can make what they want (Like Tinkering school,) handcraft clubs, where the children can make what they want. Handcraft for elderly people so that they can see others. Organize camps, take elderly people to the park or hospital. Whatever comes in mind to make OTHER people’s life better and with that YOUR life!

Sound Prosperity will pay you for this work with SPURT (Barter system).

With the earned SPURT we will support you to pay your debt, or you can safely SPURT to buy a house! YES, there is already a huge Real-Estate company in the USA accepting SPURT, and there will be more!
So, STOP thinking that you need to EXCHANGE into Crypto right away. That might be good for a small amount, but EXCHANGE will NOT change your life! A different mindset will change your life!

Example 2:

You set up an NGO and are also on the payment list as director or so. The NGO, depending on where it is, can pay the people working for them with SPURT Barter.  
Find out what your NGO can do for the community. They can find suppliers accepting SPURT. They can perhaps buy a house and rent it to have a stable income. If necessary, they can request a loan for the house and payback in SPURT Barter.

Different rules in different countries.

To be able to help all people in their country, there are different rules, adjusted to the country. We would advise ALL clients requesting a loan for their debts to follow Mindset classes. In some countries, it shows that the Mindset classes are of BIG advantage, especially when the financial situation never taught you how to handle money. In those countries, the barter aspect of SPURT is even more important. Remember, we go to school for many years and learned nothing about money.

CHANGE your life by helping others to change THEIR lives!

You have NO SPURT balance?

A fund to help new clients start will provide 8000 SPURT to spread the news and by doing so earn a Start amount in SPURT/ETH.

This fund is ONLY available if your Sponsor is not able to support you.

Remember, we have very generous clients who LIKE to support you, because they learned: Give, and you WILL be given.

Please never forget that SPURT is a COMMUNITY COIN! The ONLY goal is to make your life better! We use BUSINESS as a leverage point.