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First of all, we made some changes to the website links. The main MySPURT website is on 'myspurt.org' and the banking part is on 'b.myspurt.org'. The old links should still work and redirect you to the new addresses, but that might change in the future, so please change them now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Exciting news!

We have now enabled the Point of Sale (POS) payments for all users. You can access it through your SPURT account website, as well as on your mobile phone application (i.e. Cyclos 4 for Android and iOS).
If you want to be able to pay at POS, you will first have to set your PIN number (4 digits or more) next time you login to your account. You will see a message on the top reminding you to do this. You can always change the PIN later by opening Personal -> Settings (menu on the left) -> Passwords -> Change PIN. That's it! In order to pay, you will have to provide the seller with your account number and use your PIN to confirm the payment.

Sellers can initiate POS payments on:

  1. their SPURT account web page: Banking -> Payments (menu on the left) -> Receive payment, OR
  2. through the mobile phone app: Receive payment.

After the seller enters the buyers account number and amount, the buyer has to enter his/her PIN number on the secure virtual keyboard to confirm the payment, just like when using a credit card. So make sure you don't share your PIN number with anyone. Note that the virtual keyboard also changes the position of numbers on the buttons every time you press one, making it almost impossible for someone to get your PIN, even if one has a recording device installed for that purpose.


To make it easier for both sellers and buyers, buyers can print their account number on a piece of paper in a form of a QR code or a bar code. This way, if the seller has a USB bar code reader connected with his PC, he/she can scan the buyers account number into an appropriate field when initiating POS payment, making the process much faster, just like paying with a credit card.
The URL you have to enter in your Cyclos 4 mobile app to have access to your SPURT account is: https://b.myspurt.org/cyclos/

We know SPURT will be the number ONE digital currency in the world, so join us NOW!