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Many of our clients do not know how to cope with the opportunity we now have to work with our SPURTCrypto.
We understand that.
We found people ready to help you! Please write an email to info @ myspurt. org, so we can connect you to the best supporter.
You might understand that these people cannot do this for free. For free you can study our instructions yourself.
You can pay them with Ether, and they will help you to get that or PayPal.
Please install Team Viewer
This way, the person helping you will be able to look at your screen and work on your screen but does not need to know your passwords, which you, of course, should not provide.
You will receive a code from them, which you then add to the screen and they can start working with you.

How can they help you?

  1. Open a Metamask account. In case you have a Metamask account already, add SPU token to that account. The contract address is 0xa928e700fcf08787636eaaceab35459ae3705f40 . Help you with problems and make sure you have your Private Key safely stored.
  2. Transfer Ether to your metamask account, or buy it with you. The reason is, that to USE the Ethereum Platform, you need to pay a small fee for each transaction you do. You will need to transfer your SPURT to the account in Regal Holdings, and, with another transfer, pay the 7% fee to Regal Holdings' Fee account. 0x6677033d7e20be863436a27244dcc16911ffb7d1, which they, at this moment offer for FREE!
  3. If you do NOT have SPURTCrypto already, transfer Ether for the value of $2 to the account of SPURT to pay for buying SPURTCrypto for you and placing it on your account. (ONLY for all those who do NOT yet have SPURTCrypto.) The account address is 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc
  4. Fill in the form on the blog https://myspurt-news.blogspot.com/2019/06/exchange-on-its-way.html
  5. Open an account in Regal Holdings
  6. Add, in personal, documents you already prepared (under KYC)
    1. like a copy of your passport,
    2. ID or Driver License.
    3. A Utility Bill, meaning an official bill with your address on it. In case all bills are on the name of your partner but the ADDRESS is yours, you can use that too. Then you need to have a copy of your bank statement, on which your address is. You can find that mostly under Personal in your bank. Please keep these documents saved on your computer.
  7. Add your banking information in the Personal part of the Regal Holdings account. You do not need to be scared for misuse, for this is only your information and you do not add your password. Nobody can enter your account with this information. If you do not add this information, how can the Exchanger transfer the money for your sold SPURT to your bank account?
If you do not have SPURTCrypto yet, there need to be a follow-up appointment for now SPURT Admin needs to buy SPURTCrypto for you.
  1. Transfer SPURTCrypto to your Regal Holdings account.
  2. Transfer the 0% Fee to the Regal Holdings' account  0x6677033d7e20be863436a27244dcc16911ffb7d1. As Promotion Regal Holding is not asking ANY FEE now.
Another follow up appointment will be for the final exchange.