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Buying SPURTCrypto is rewarded generously.

For each SPURT+Crypto you buy for a minimum of $4.--, you receive 10 SPU+ (max 250 SPU+) through your account in Regal Holdings. To buy SPU+Crypto you use Ether, which you might have already on your account.

See How to use Ether and place it on your Regal Holdings account

Instructions on how to use the Ether to buy SPURT+Crypto.

Promotion Example

You buy for example 2 SPURT+Crypto for ± 4$ each per SPU+. You have to pay with Ether. You will receive, as a bonus, on your account Regal Holdings SPU+ account 10x2 SPU+, which you then, at a later stage, can sell again for 20x4$ = ±80$, or perhaps the price is higher already then.

It is clear that the amounts depend on the market and can change.

For EACH coin in Regal Holdings you will have a DIFFERENT ACCOUNT  address. This means that when you transfer Ether to your SPU+ account, it is lost forever. When you transfer SPURT+ to your ETHER ACCOUNT Address, it is lost forever too. If you transfer SPU+ to the FEE account from Regal Holdings, it is non-refundable.
You might want to buy 5 SPU+, you would need to pay ± 20$ and would be compensated with 50 SPU+ on your account, which you later can sell for 50x4$= ±200$ or perhaps the price is higher already then.
Of course, when you buy 10 SPU+, you pay only ± $40$, and you receive 100 SPU+, which you then can sell, at a later time, for ±400$ or perhaps more if the price is higher already.
It is not bad at all to make several small purchases. All that will draw attention to our coin, which will attract other buyers!

Social Media

Tell all your (Facebook)friends to open an account in Regal Holdings too, and buy SPU+. They will ALSO be rewarded 10x for each SPU+ they buy! When you are active in the Crypto world, speak about this offer in the forums!

This offer is temporary and the maximum Bonus is 250 SPU+!

Exchange is on its way.