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Buy Ether to be able to work in Ethereum, where your SPURT is, and  also to buy SPURT in Ethereum or transfer it to your Exchange account with Regal Holdings.

Please be aware that the Blockchain system is NOT like any bank or SPURT account. There is no hotline and you cannot retrieve your password, For that reason please take the time to follow each step of this video!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEtj34VMClU In this video is a part on an extern hard wallet, which you must buy, but you can buy that later, when you have more SPURT on your account.

Why Ether?

  • To transfer any amount in the Etherium Blockchain world, of which SPURT is a part, you will need to pay a fee in Ether, because Ether is THEIR coin.
  • When you transfer any part of your SPURT in Ethereum  to anyone, including the Exchanger, a fee is required by Etherium in Ether.
  • The amount is small, but you pay it every time you transfer in Blockchain SPURT, Ether or any other coin, to any other person.
  • To BUY Ether, you can go to your Metamask account and buy Ether,
  • You choose Ether instead of SPURT (If you do not see your SPURT, see this link.
  • By going to DEPOSIT, a pop-up field is shown, showing BUY ETH several options.
  • You can go to Coinbase (payable with PayPal too), or any other system that allows you to buy Ether. Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.. Why do we seem to promote Coinbase? Because, if you would buy for 100$ Ether, we will BOTH receive $10. Here you can find how you can use Coinbase,
  •  If you only want to buy Ether for transfers, 10$ is enough to pay for many transfers. It is also the minimum most sellers of Ether allow
  • You can also buy Ether from your Metamask and go to DEPOSIT, a pop-up field is shown, showing BUY ETH several options.
  • Alternatively, you can also buy with two or even more people Ether $ 100 or 200. The account who bought it can transfer partly, for example, $55 or $110, to the accounts of your friends starting with 0x. You do that by clicking on SEND in the Metamask account when you are on Ether.
  • This is also the way to send Ether to buy SPURT. In that case you use the address, as recipient 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc
So, if you want to send Ether to able to buy SPURT in Ethereum use this address as recipient address 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc
Then you go to Amount and click on the small arrow next to ETH and click on USD. You add the amount in USD you want to use. (see also form below.)

Click on the the advanced options below the Average button and click the 10 down till, for example 5. Save and go for it. See pictures below.


Now that you have Ether, you go to SEND ETHER.

TO: you enter the address 0x3d50E075AF09dAe2d62dAd9B26d6253B10F880dc in TO.

AMOUNT: You enter the amount 1 USD after you clicked on the little arrows next to Amount where you can choose Ether or USD.

Now go to the next picture.

You have to pay the Transaction Fee.


The name of the fee paid in Ether is called GAS.

You see Gas Price 10 and you change it to 5

and click on Save.

Then click on Next

Now you paid $2

Did you fill in the form already?
After we can combine the form and the payment, we will proceed with sending you the SPURT in your Metamask account for the amount you paid, x 2