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2017-04-03 Terms & Conditions for the use of SPURT with corrected grammar.

2017-04-03 Friend's deal. You can now take the chance to get SPURT+.

2017-03-24 Newsletters with connection to Sound Prosperity Social Organisation

2017-03-12 Prosperity Centers

2017-03-12 Terms and Conditions for the USE of SPURT.

2017-03-12 SPURT+, Asset backed.

2017-03-01 Regarding the developments in SPURT, which are really great to see, we had to change the Friend's deal. It must be clear that ONE SPURT is ONE EURO and ONE USD.

2017-01-21 Terms and Conditions. Added is that it is not permitted to offer SPURT for a much lower value hoping to exchange them for USD or EURO. Also there is a better explanation on why a referrer receives money for referring someone. There is also a description on how to become a MySPURT client, when you do not have a referrer.

2016-10-10 Information: Tutorials,

2016-06-23 We added an explanation for the very important difference between currency and money, please make sure you understand it: What is money and what currency