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2020-07-14 Business for exchange

2020-01-30 Addresses for SPURT in Ethereum.

2020-01-20 Please see several new documents under SPURT in Ethereum

2020-01-08 How to buy Ether

2019-11-29 The Value behind SPURT

2019-11-24 On this place we need to make clear that in Ethereum there are SEVERAL tokens with a similiar name as SPURT. There is only ONE connected to MySPURT and that is the name SPURT. We will start a marketing campaign to make this clear, before we will provide any SPURT to any of the clients. To avoid misunderstanding, we will, in this website, speak about "SPURT in ETH, SPURT/ETH"

2019-11-24 Although the new SPURT in Ethereum is not yet available for our clients, because we need to create VALUE first, in the website we replaced the word SPURTCrytpo by SPURT/ETH, because SPURTCrypto in Ethereum is NOT connected to MySPURT.

Several times we thought we connected to the right people. All promissed a lot, but promisses were not kept. We now contracted a new, serious party, with a lot of knowledge about Crypto and Marketing. They assured us that we cannot use our SPURT in Ethereum, before there is no value. So please all of you, stay tuned. Remember, we want this connection as much as you do!

2019-11-24 Terms and Conditions Mainly changes because of SPURT in Ethereum.

2019-08-19 Barter and TimeBank

2019-08-17 Friends deal is back

2019-08-09 Please see the video about how OTHERS use digital currency.

2018-11-19 Addendum to Terms and Conditions.