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You want to earn SPURT? We want to pay you for what you do for us, and/or compensate you for your costs.


Do you like the BUDDY SYSTEM?
We are looking for Buddy's in other languages too.


How can you be compensated for all you pay to be or stay physically healthy?

  1. Alternative treatments
  2. Gym
  3. Health equipment
  4. Healthy food
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Doctor bills
  7. Online classes to stay healthy (for example about food)
  8. Travel costs for hospital and doctors
  9. Supplements
  10. Other.
See: Your Health Your Happiness: GO for HEALTH

How can you be compenstate for all you pay
to be or stay intelectually healthy?

  1. Study loans
  2. Study books 
  3. Travel costs for your study
  4. Home Schooling
  5. Online classes
  6. Other

Do you want a JOB? Here are open Jobs available. (No charge.)

SHOW us what you want to EXPERIENCE in your life,

how you want to GROW and how you want to CONTRIBUTE to the world and we will pay you 25 SPURT+..

Become a FREE Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] member to be able to participate in these programs.


If you want to be a part if HOW SPURT will be used, please become an ACTIVE SPSO member


  1. PAM and be part of the Mastermind Groups we are setting up. We NEED your help!
  2. or the leader of a Prosperity Center. (See what a Prosperity Center is.)

All SPURT, earned or compensated can be exchanged in SPURT+ as soon as possible. (meaning, as soon as funds are available.)