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If you have a MySPURT account with a balance below 2000 SPURT you have to take action now. Your account will be closed and your balance transfered to the Donation fund 6058842..
This counts for accounts older than 1 year and no action during the last year.
You can get your account transferred to SPURTCrypto if you buy SPURTCrypto first.
You must buy:
  1. For accounts with a balance up to 50 SPURT you need to buy 5 SPURTCrypto (5 Euro)
  2. For accounts with a balance up to 250 SPURT you need to buy 2 times 5 SPURTCrypto.
    (Why 2 times? Because each transaction in the Cryptoworld is registered and the more action, the more we attract big investors, which will cause that you can sell your SPURTCrypto one day.
  3. For accounts with a balance up to 2000 SPURT you need to buy 5 times 5 SPURTCrypto.
  4. If you do not want to do that, you can transfer your SPURT to any friend or to the Donation Fund account 6058842.
  5. From October 1, 2019 on we start closing the accounts and transfer the balances to the Donation Fund.So BE ACTIVE AND BUY SPURTCRYPTO.
To be able to buy SPURTCrypto and at a later time sell it, you need to have Ether.
To buy SPURTCrypto, please see this link.
Please fill in this form if you don't want to buy SPURTCrypto yourself.