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Rev. September 19, 2019

MySPURT is a platform that provides you with a new way of doing business.

SPURT is your New Digital Money, created to make it easier to make commercial transactions. It can be used to buy or sell, offer services and goods to other MySPURT account holders, and to create new opportunities participating with any party accepting SPURT as payment instrument.

SPURT is accepted as a commodity, and the value is guaranteed.


SPURT uses the symbols SPU, SPUD, and MSP, which are the abbreviations of SPURT, which is used for SPURTCrypto, SPURT Digital Currency (SPUD) and MegaSPURT (MSP). SPURT is connected to the Crypto SPU. (More info on Crypto see below.)


SPURT Ditgital Currency (SPUD) and MegaSPURT are accepted as a commodity, and assets backed.
To protect the value of SPUD, which is 1 SPUD = 1 Euro, any amount in SPUD with a value over 2,000,000 SPUD (TWO MILLION SPUD) is, as of today, placed in the Private Facility of MySPURT, called MegaSPURT.
MegaSPURT can be used ONLY INSIDE the system.  Any party accepting SPURT for their business need to open an account in MySPURT. It is not tradable on the financial market.
Transactions within MegaSPURT need to be authorized by Admin and contracts are required for amounts above 5 Million. MegaSPURT now has 4 digits behind the dot to be able to do transactions above 1 Million SPURT.
1 MSP = 1 Billion SPUD 
0,1 MSP = 100 Million SPUD
0,01 MSP = 10 Million SPUD
0,001 MSP = 1 Million SPUD
0,0001 MSP = 1 Hundred Thousand SPUD
Results of business done with any other party are not the responsibility of MySPURT or New Chances. You will need to follow the rules set up in the contracts you make. MySPURT or New Chances are not responsible for costs you might have to pay upfront to those parties, or the loss of SPUD. Once you decide to sign a contract, you cannot come back to MySPURT or New Chances for cancellation of the contract, because we are not part of the contract. 

SPURT is now SPURT Crypto

As of September 19, 2019 we start the process of connecting SPURT to SPURTCrypto. The name SPURT is changed, in your account, in SPURTCrypto (SPU). Any SPURT you do not want in Crypto can be placed in SPUD or MegaSPURT. There is no automatic right to be connected to SPURTCrypto in Ethereum, for a client needs to comply with the rules (earning SPURT and business). Once placed into SPURTCrypto and connected, no change can me made. Once the total on this account is migrated to the SPURTCrypto, the balance will be gone in your account. The choice how much you want to have in SPURTCrypto is up to the account holder, until certain maximal amount, but once migrated, that is it. You cannot add NEW SPURTCrypto there, hoping it will become SPURTCrypto.


(The SPURT Digital Currency, the former SPURT, that will stay in the system, not available for SPURT Crypto, only for MegaSPURT.)

The value of SPUD is backed by specifically limited assets for the SPURTDigital Currency used in the system. The maximum amount in SPUD (The former SPURT) in your MySPURT account is 2,000,000 SPUD. Higher amounts will be placed in the private facility department MegaSPURT. You will be able to transfer, for businesses, assisted by Admin, from your MegaSPURT to your SPUD account if the balance is not enough to transfer what you want to transfer, according to the rules for MegaSPURT. We expect and advice all clients connected to SPURTCrypto to use SPURTCrypto for any buying and selling.

Clients earning SPURTCrypto SPU by working for the community, can buy and sell goods and services using their SPUCrypto account.
Clients can receive SPURTCrypto as compensation for Self-Care or Education. It would be good when parties would accept SPURTCrypto, to avoid any exchange.

SPURTCrypto is created to be used by our clients working for or with the community to make the community better. SPUD and MegaSPURT are used for the same purpose, but by other ways of exchange to pay for housing, debt relief etc. Of course business can be done with these SPURT.

Clients buying SPURT are directly connected to SPURTCrypto.

Value of MegaSPURT, SPUD, and SPURTCrypto

SPUD is a commodity and is backed by assets. MegaSPURT is available in the Private Facility of MySPURT and is backed by assets too.
SPURTCrypto, SPU, is a commodity and is, once coonnected, backed by the Blockchain system.


The value of SPUD in your account cannot exceed 2,000,000 SPUD (remember, higher values are in the Private Facility MegaSPURT). You can freely transfer any amount in SPUD with a value lower than 2,000,000 SPUD to other accounts to do business, spending or use for private use. In case the amount in the account exceeds 2 Million, the balance will be transferred to the Private Facility MegaSPURT on a regular basis. In case the 2 Million are spent, you can request authorization, by Admin, to assist you in transferring from the Private Facility to your SPURT account.
FOUR digits behind the dot make it possible to transfer hundred thousand (0,0001=1 Hundred thousand) to other MegaSPURT account holders for business purposes. Amounts till 5 Million MegaSPURT (MSP) can be transferred within the MegaSPURT system, without showing contracts, authorization required.

Transferring SPUD between SPUD accounts is free of charge. You transfer funds to another account on your own risk. MySPURT cannot transfer funds back to your account in case of breach of contract. There is an option to block funds.

It is not permitted to offer SPUD to others for a much lower value than the real value of SPUD in exchange for other currencies. One SPUD has a value of one Euro. Allowing lower value would diminish the value of SPUD. Offering such a deal would lead to freezing your account.


If you want to transfer SPUD for a contract with a term, it would be wise to let your funds be blocked for the benefit of that client on your own account. You could request a Blocked Fund Letter for the person. (Fee required.)
There is a fee required for a blocked fund account. Blocked accounts can only be set up with the assistance of MySPURT Admin.

It would be better to do buy sell transactions with SPU Crypto.


Connection to the SPURTCrypto, requires full personal information to the bank we connect with. In case you would use any other way of exchange, you would need to provide your information to that exchanger.


While banks offer interest and have SWIFT capabilities, MySPURT is neither an exchange house nor a bank. It is a platform bringing people together who wish to do business using SPURT.


The new user must be a person of 18 years or older. Minors must obtain formal permission from a parent or guardian.


In case you pass away, your SPURT account will go to the legal person inheriting your other values as are the rules of your country. For example, for Switzerland: Your wife/husband would inherit 50% of the account, and your children the other 50%, shared. If there are no children, your wife would inherit the total account. If your wife/husband passed away already, your children will inherit the account, shared.

In case you are not married, your parents will inherit your account, or, if they passed away already, your siblings would inherit a shared part of your account.

But in ALL cases would count that when you make a last will, that is the legal document we work with. This is the best advisable option,

In case there are problems with the heritage, the account will be frozen until there is consencus. Be aware that the one holding the password might control the account.


MySPURT is only available for referred people. The reason for this is the high standard we set on the use of any SPURT.
A referrer has the responsibility to point his people to the Terms & Conditions and to be convinced that the interested person shares the vision of MySPURT.


If you do not have someone who referred you, please read the bottom of this link.


You can find the rules under MySPURT Marketplace.

MySPURT Vision

We emphasize to point out that we will only accept you as our client when you have acknowledged and agreed to be and remain in compliance with the Vision of MySPURT. The client complies with this Vision by accepting the Terms and Conditions in the Registration Form agreeing thereby to the following statement:

“By registering for a MySPURT account I declare and affirm I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions of MySPURT. I further declare and affirm that I am an honest and honorable person and will act in good faith in my dealings with MySPURT as well as in all my dealings with others. I also declare and affirm that the funds from MySPURT, "SPURT" will be used to enhance and enrich mankind, that I will only use the funds to do business ventures for good purposes (not evil ones) and that I will not knowingly waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind”.