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How to buy SPURTCrypto with Ether
You go to your Regal Holdings Account.
Click on BTC/USD and it will open a new field

and it will open a new field to SPURT

Take care that Buy is activated, next to Sell.
You see that you now can enter the amount SPU you want to buy.

Next to the AMOUNT is TYPE. You set the TYPE on LIMIT.
Although for each transaction you make the numbers will be different, because of the Market value, we add here, as example 2 SPURT.
You click on One Step Trade.

At this moment the value of 5 SPURT is 0.030 ETH, because we want to sell them for 5 Euro. It is tricky to write that here, for it will change each day.
When we want to find out how much the value of 0.007 ETH in Euro is, you can go to Google and search for 0.0.07 Ether in Euro and you will see, that at this moment of our example  the value is 5.60USD. I know that buying 5 SPURT will cost 5.60  USD in Ether.
Remember, each time you buy SPURT, the amounts vary.

You  bought Ether already, otherwise you cannot buy SPURTCrypto.
You will see it  your RHI account, at the right hand top of our account already the Ether.