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Be aware that these options are temporarily NOT available. FIRST we need to make value for our SPURT in Ethereum and make clear that all names used in Ethereum besides SPURT are NOT connected to MySPURT.

There are three offers for getting SPURT in Ethereum, (which is NOT the same as fiat currency exchange :)! BEFORE there is exchange into any currency possible, you need to HAVE Crypto.

(We presented these offers before. If you already decided for any of these options, you do not need to do anything.)


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


No crypto at all

All SPURT to Crypto

SPURT and Crypto


Starting October 1, 2019

Do nothing Buy SPUCrypto for the SPURT in accounts below 25M.
From January 1, 2020, on we start buying SPUC for all accounts with a balance between 25 – 250 Million SPUC for the available personal amount.
We will act upon your decision to buy SPUCrypto for the requested amount.

If you do not want SPURT’s automatic actions,
fill in this form and pay the fee before October 1, 2019

If you do nothing

No crypto at all, also not at a later time. For accounts with a balance above 25M and no action undertaken, see above.
For accounts above 250 Million SPURT, we ASSUME you want to use Option 1 and you will NOT be able to have Crypto if you do NOT undertake action and fill in the form below.
For accounts with a balance below 25M SPUC will be bought. UNLESS you fill in the form.
This option is only available when you take action. Otherwise, you fall automatically under Option 2, and we will buy the available amount for you in Crypto.



Fill in this form and pay the fee.

Fill in this form and pay the fee.

Fee 10 Euro in Ether

No fee required If you do not want your account to be closed. Yes, always a fee


Option 1.      You KEEP all your SPURT in your account. You can, at any time, do business with our partners, following THEIR Rules. As soon as you work with them, you contracted them, and you cannot come back to SPURT to get SPUCrypto. You need to know that MOST businesses connected now, and in the future require WORK to be done by you! One will have much easier rules than others, but WORK might ALWAYS be involved. We are working on several options. You will NOT be able to transfer your SPURT to others and hope that they can get SPUCrypto for it. That will NOT be possible. You choose Option 1.
Option 2.      Your balance is any amount above 25 Million SPURT. 
You can sell ALL your SPURT for a per person set amount and buy SPUCrypto for the TOTAL available amount. We will add the amount you can buy SPUCrypto for in your account under SPURTCrypto. (SPUC). This is Option 2.

If your balance is between 25 Million and 250 Million, we will start buying SPURTCrypto for your SPURT AUTOMATICALLY, starting January 1, 2020, UNLESS you fill in the form and pay the fee.

Your balance is BELOW 25 Million SPURT
We ASSUME that all accounts with a balance below 25 Million will choose Option 2 and want to buy SPUCrypto one to one and close the account. 
If you do NOT want that, please fill in this form before October 1, 2019.

FEE for Option 2

If you do NOT want to close your account automatically there is a fee of 10 USD in Ether required if you want to keep your account with a balance of 5000 SPUD on it.

If you do NOT want our automatic actions,

you can choose your options using the FORM AND PAY THE FEE FOR THE SPECIAL TREATMENT.

Why would we do all this extra work for SPURT, knowing this will be a huge task for our small team? We know there are many clients who just want to see the money. As an exception on our rules that you have to do business or work in the community, we permit this cleaning of accounts. We do not need to know what you DO with your SPUCrypto. We have no control over your SPUCrypto as soon as it is in the Ethereum System. It is all yours to use. You can pay others or exchange it for fiat currency.
Option 3.      You can decide to use both options. (Option 3) The BASIC amount you will ever be able to buy SPUCrypto for will never become higher than the personal offer made in Option 2. Since this is also a deviation of Option 2, where all SPURT goes into Crypto, also the fee of 10 Euro Ether is required. (We reduced the fee from 100Euro to 10 Euro.)

In case your balance is BELOW 25 MILLION, you do NOT need to send a message with the request on the amount you could buy SPUCrypto for. You will be able to buy for the TOTAL balance SPUCrypto.

If you do NOT want to use the total of the balance to buy SPURTCrypto, please fill in this form and pay the required fee. Deadline October 1, 2019.
In case any of the clients find ways to circumvent the amount that they can have in SPUCrypto, and try to get more, by themselves or by transfers to others, we might disable the account from both parties. We NEED now to set a BIG point behind the wish to increase the high value you already have. We need honest clients, GRATEFUL for what they have.

For all clients with a balance between 25 Million and 250 Million, doing NOTHING we will start buying SPUCrypto starting January 1, 2020. You fall in Option 3.

All clients with a balance higher than 250 Million SPURT, who did NOT Fill in THIS Form before January 1, 2020, will be considered choosing for Option 1. We will NOT contact them, and they will NOT be able, at a later time, to get SPUCrypto. The reason is that many clients do not contact us and emails to them are bouncing. Please forward this newsletter to friends and family. If emails to any client are bouncing, we consider it is the responsibility of the client and to have sent the email.

Please fill in this form

Yes, we know there are questions open now.
1.     When I decide to buy SPUCrypto for ALL my SPURT, can I be SURE that I can exchange it?
The answer is, we will buy the SPUCrypto for you when the connections set up are looking very sure, and the interest of the connected parties are huge. Now we prepare.
2.     When I have SPUCrypto, when will I be able to exchange it?
The answer is, we will ONLY help you to buy SPUCrypto if we KNOW the system is set up, and you can soon, in small portions, in the beginning, exchange it to any fiat currency you might want to exchange it in. BUT be aware that as soon as you exchange it, you need to pay taxes. Now we prepare.

We are NOT tax advisors, so you might want to talk to tax advisors before you exchange higher amounts or even before that.