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Registration for an account in Regal Holdings.

  • For the registration, you will need a copy of your passport, a utility bill, the information of your bank (copy of the account with your address on it, to be found inside your own bank. You might add another document, for example, a copy of the registration of your company, a document to prove that you live in another country or whatever you think you need to add. PLEASE ALL DIFFERENT DOCUMENTS!!! If you do not have that yet, do NOT register please!
  • You register in https://regalholdingsint.com/
  • Regal Holdings is using a 2 step verification process. You will receive emails after each step to make it safe for you.
  • After your information is verified, you will receive an email with your crypto account address, starting with 0x, within Regal Holding. This account is there to transfer the amount you can exchange to them.
  • You can now transfer the amount you want to exchange* to your account with the exchanger, so they can start to exchange. Please be aware that we are waiting for buyers. This action shows interested buyers that there are many clients with SPURT.
  • Although the market will decide, you would want to sell your SPURTCrypto ONE EURO for each SPURT.
  • We will provide the exchanger a list of amounts you can start to exchange, so it is of no value to transfer more.

*Each client receives (received) an email with the amount they can exchange.

*If you are part of the group of people permitted to exchange 500 SPURTCrypto, that is the amount you can exchange unless your balance is lower.

Requirements for transfer of SPURTCrypto from your Metamask account, to your Exchange account with Regal Holdings.

  • To transfer any amount in the Etherium Crypto world, of which we are a part, you will need to pay in Ether, a fee. Ether is THEIR coin.
  • Also when you transfer any part of your SPURTCrypto to anyone, including the Exchanger, a fee is required by Etherium in Ether.
  • The amount is small, but you pay it every time you transfer SPURTCrypto to any other person.
  • To BUY Ether, you can go to your Metamask account and buy Ether,
  • You choose the Ether instead of SPU (If you do not see your SPU, see this link.
  • By going to DEPOSIT, a pop-up field is shown, showing BUY ETH with Wyre. Click on Wyre and follow the registration process.
  • Alternatively, you can go to Coinbase (payable with PayPal too), or any other system that allows you to buy Ether. 10$ is enough to pay for many transfers. It is also the minimum with most sellers of Ether.
  • Alternatively, you can also buy with two or even more people Ether $10. The account who bought it can transfer partly, for example, $1 or $2, to the accounts of your friends starting with 0x. You do that by clicking on SEND in the Metamask account when you are on Ether.
  • If you want to buy Ether for buying SPURTCrypto, you might want to buy more now using Coinbase, for example, which would provide us $10 profit to buy more SPURTCrypto.

*Don't forget that the value of each SPURTCrypto is advised to be ONE EURO-

Required FEE to get an exchange

You will need to pay a fee to give a sign to the exchanger that you want to exchange. The fee is 0% during the time of Promotion!

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