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SPURT in Ethereum and the connection to humanitarian projects or work for the community.

Our Vision states:

SPURT is created for the purpose of providing benevolence for all of humanity.
SPURT can only be used for business ventures that enhance and enrich mankind,
and SPURT users will not waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind.

We call these business ventures: Humanity Plus Companies.

What do we mean by Humanity Plus?

Humanity Plus companies are companies that deliver goods and services to make life easier for all of us, in a way that is not burdening the environment.

As an example:

  1. Any GOOD food production.
  2. Any production of any product that makes life of people better.
  3. Any service offered to make life of people better.
  4. Any Health Care product that is not at the same time destroying your cells.
  5. Support for any group of people needing help.
  6. Support for any group making life happier.
  7. Support for any group making life healthier. (On a natural basis.)
  8. Support for ALL children, youth, and adults to study!
  9. Electric Cars.
  10. Alternative Energy.
  11. Earthquake secure building.
  12. In short, everything that makes life easier, happier and healthier.

SPURT in Ethereum is available for all Humanity Plus companies and organizations with the above characteristic.

There is a huge difference on how people received their SPURT:

  1. In working with other organizations and banks, or receiving SPURT through internal transfers for doing business. In most of the cases, the received values are much higher than one SPURT= one EURO.
    Those SPURT’s can be used inside the system and transferred freely. You are responsible for the transfers. If you transfer money to another client, you need to make sure that your contracts are clear on the terms. SPURT will NOT go after the money to get it back to you if the contract fails. You can ask SPURT to block your funds though. (Fee €25,--).
  2. SPURT received from friends and family without any clear reason or appropriate connection to the real value of SPURT.
  3. SPURT received through any Network Marketing business with values not according to the real value of SPURT.
  4. SPURT received by working in the community.*
  5. SPURT received by any of the Sound Prosperity Social Organization programs.*
*These SPURT can be used to buy SPURT in Ethereum.

There is only ONE way that you can use SPURT in the outside world, and that is by getting SPURT/ETH, or working with our partners.

How can you get SPURT in Ethereum?

  1. SPURT could be used to buy SPURT in Ethereum if you have, or are setting up a Humanity Plus company or organization.
  2. SPURT could be used to get SPURT in Ethereum if you earned your SPURT by working for any type of welfare, social engagement, unpaid volunteer work. (See above point 4 and 5).
  3. SPURT could be used to get a house, a car, payment for your health care costs, education, healthy food, taxes. All through the Sound Prosperity Social Organization programs.
    The house, car, etc., will be valued at normal values in your area. If you would want a super villa, you might need to go other ways.
There are companies accepting SPURT and providing you value for it, even if SPURT is not yet in Ethereum. Those companies have their own rules and regulations.


Options to buy Cryptocurrency SPURT in Ethereum