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How did Marco Polo, from Italy, around 1300 buy stuff in China? He could not wire funds through SWIFT! He took stuff with him that he knew they wanted and sold what HE had for what the people in Italy wanted. The Chinese people knew how to make the Silk, and the Italians knew how to produce the products the Chinese people wanted. The Chinese did not pay him with Italian money!
Look at all the stuff from China sold around the world and STILL China does not let their currency out, because they don't want their currency manipulated. Why can THEY do it and we not?
Coca Cola wanted a plant in China, because many would drink Coke. They buy the Coke over there and pay with Chinese money for it, but they can't bring the Chinese money out of China.  So they SPEND the Chinese money IN China and buy stuff made by Chinese people and they bring it back and sell it to Wall mart. Wall mart sells it to the people and get paid in USD which they can give to Coca Cola.

The use of SPURT

If I can buy apples with SPURT, and I can sell them for 10 Euro, I now have Euro. I don't EAT my 10 Euro, I buy MORE apples and sell them again. The buying and selling gives me what I want.

See Prof. Fekete

Prof. Fekete is writing that the one merchant is giving credit to the other merchant. That was doen by an International Bill of Exchange, a promise to pay each other.The real money was the gold coin, paid by the government to government employees ONLY. But when the government employees bought something with it, they put the coins into circulation.

The same thing here. You do business with each other in SPURT and when you have a customer that pays you with Euro's, that Euro will cancel the SPURT you provided as guarantee for the product you received to sell. SPURT is the Bill of Exchange. The Gold Coin is the Euro. Read the paper. Each time you read the word International Bill of Exchange, you substitute is with SPURT.
This is what we can do with SPURT! And the more products are offered, the easier it is to find a product that you might want to buy.

The one farmer has the caterpillars and gets the silk, the weaver turns it in to fabric. The weaver sells the fabric to the tailor who makes it into shirts and dresses. The people with the currency come and buy the shirts and dresses.

They go back and pay of the International Bill of Exchange, which is in our case SPURT.

YOU have to start doing business.

You, Ms. S can for example sew. People know that you can make nice things and are willing to pay for it. A customer asks you to make a wedding dress and also the dresses for the bridesmaids.

Mr. M has a factory selling fabric. He does not make the curtains or dresses, he just sells fabric. Now Ms. S comes to him and says: "I have a customer who wants a wedding dress.  I need your fabric, but I need it on credit. I will pay you in SPURT ( in earlier times you would have said: "I sign a Bill of Exchange") and you give me the fabric and I promise to pay you as soon as the dress is delivered". Since Mr. M and Ms. S work together for years already, he knows her and will provide her the fabric, for which he will receive the guarantee in SPURT. There is no bank involved.

Since they know each other and both have SPURT, Mr. M knows Ms. S is going to pay him and she knows that he will give the SPURT back. You, the seamstress, will of course request a deposit before starting to cut the material and you want all be paid before the wedding because after the wedding, they might not have the money anymore. But you start weeks before, they come, fit, see how nice it is, but before they take the dress, they pay for it.

As soon as Ms. S has the money she goes to Mr. M the fabric seller, and pays him and Mr. M says: "If you have another wedding and I will be happy to give you some more fabric".

Do this yourself

Use SPURT as a Bill of Exchange and the person that buys your product will pay in Euro and you can go back and pay for the fabric in Euro. It is NOT the bank that is making this deal working. The banks take always MORE, for they have their fancy buildings and high bonuses.

This is NOT a new thing, in fact it is a very OLD thing. In fact even banks do this every day, but they do not give YOU the money, they USE your money.