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Three, or more way business

You can do business in at least three ways. Make your business a circle of at least three or four different people.

One guy is selling fish; the other is selling dinner at the restaurant, and the other has his yearly business dinner with his staff. It happens naturally in the market. You have to think it through and see that everybody is going to participate.
Find people that are doing things, not people that just say: tell me what I should do. Then they place all the responsibility on you and are ready to blame you when anything goes wrong.

We have the farmers who grow the wheat. We have millers who grind the wheat into flour. We have bakers who bake the cakes. We have event planners who organize the parties where all eat the cakes.

They've all learned their jobs and learned how to sell their scale. We all know what those providers deliver and can make a chain of delivery to each other. We all know that the person who makes cars also needs to eat. They are not a farmer, so how do they get their food?

Many people think that MySPURT is like the government. But here you have to DO things.
If you are not the farmer or the baker, you might be the cleaning lady. You might be the cook; you may be the buyer of the groceries at the store for the people who can't drive anymore. You can be the tour guide, for you know all places in your area. People pay for all these services.

If you are elderly, you might ask your grandson to help you with this, so that he can earn something too.

EVERYBODY can DO something. An older adult might help with homework, or just give attention and love to a young child while the mom is cleaning the kitchen for that lady.
It is not so that you can just expect that you have to fill in the right form and someone magically will bring you USD. This has ALWAYS been COMMERCE.


An engaged couple wants to get married and have a nice wedding with their friends and family. Who do they know that can provide all the services which are needed and how much would they have to pay for it all?
What if they could make a business chain that could enable them to pay the majority of their costs in SPU rather than cash!

Think about this. Which of these vendors is one day buying something from one of the other vendors? Does the hairdresser have dinner sometimes? Does the owner of the restaurant need a hairdresser, and photos of his restaurant? Would the travel agency perhaps need a photographer or shoes? Would the seamstress have dinner in the restaurant? Would she perhaps sew curtains for the restaurant?

Would one of them, for example, the furniture store want to buy his furniture without out-of-pocket money? Would the owner of the restaurant want to be paid for his employees or for the food he is buying? Would the car driver want to lease his car and pay with SPURT? Would the travel agency want to sell his total future services for one year and get paid for that in advance? Would you not want to buy a house and not pay cash for it?
All this becomes possible as WE are making the connections. Will this happen tomorrow? Probably not!
But by starting today, we're one day closer to having it tomorrow!

Make your own plan and get rewarded.

MySPURT is willing to reward any group of people or any person providing a WRITTEN list of IDEAS on what he or she believes might work in their community. It does not even need to be DONE already. Just the ideas themselves will be rewarded with SPURT. The better the idea, the more MySPURT, starting with 200 SPU per person on this.

The next step, of course, is to bring other businesses into your Circle who would want to participate and experience these benefits as well.

We will reward any business or company willing to do commerce with us, by purchasing in advance their total production for the next entire year for 200% of their contracted selling price in SPU.  And, no delivery will be required until after they can use their SPU to purchase other merchandise or services they need to operate their business or, exchange SPU into their currency of choice.

Promotion deal:

Each time a supplier, who sold his future production to MySPURT and, is USING his SPU to do OTHER business, he will 100% be compensated.

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