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From ALL transactions of selling future production to NEW CHANCES, the city of the supplier will profit as well as the city of the referrer of the business. The city receives, as a gift from the supplier, 20% in SPURT of the total amount offered for the products. The referrer will also provide a gift of 20% in MySPURT to his city. The CSF of each city, together with a committee of city counselors will decide on what the currency is used for.

But not only the city will profit, also the country where the business is located will profit, as well as the country of the referrer of the business. Here 5% in MySPURT will be provided as a gift to the country by the supplier as well as 5% of what the referrer earned for his country. 5% is a lot of money, when you add all business together. The country can support humanitarian projects, pay for infrastructure or support small businesses. The CSF of the country, together with the appointed officer, will decide for what the money is used.
In case a city or country is not yet connected to the MySPURT-system, the funds will be kept custody for the city and the country until it is so far that it can use the ySPURT and wants to work with it.

The city and the country can, on their turn, provide future production to New Chances and receive immediate payment in MySPURT.
Let’s say the country has gold or wants to produce houses, roads or energy. They can sell the future production and receive SPU right away. They could build hospitals and contract suppliers to deliver products for SPU, by which they would be 100% compensated in MySPURT for the products they bought this way. Would this not be a wonderful way to save national money?
Please see the business concept for clearer information.

The city and country will have to work together with New Chances and comply to the Sound Prosperity rules.