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Any business wanting to work with MySPURT and sell products locally or on the Marketplace has two options: Sell its future production to NEW CHANCES, the Asset Manager of MySPURT, or sign the agreement to accept MySPURT for their products and services. This is the easier way.

Sell your products to NEW CHANCES

If a product/service is sold to NEW CHANCES, NEW CHANCES will pay in MySPURT immediately TWICE the value of the products to the Supplier of the product/service, whereby 20% hereof will automatically be placed in the MySPURT account of the CITY the supplier lives; 5% will be placed in the MySPURT account of the COUNTRY of the supplier. This way the supplier is supporting the city and country also to do business and support humanitarian projects.
The supplier keeps 150% value of his sold products/services in his own MySPURT account.


Suppose someone is selling his future production of 100.000 value. He will receive 200.000 SPU. Directly placed in the City account will be 40.000 SPU. 10.000 SPU will be placed in the Country account. The supplier received the total value of his future production, and 50.000 SPU extra.


The supplier can offer the MySPURT concept to his own suppliers and explain that when they sell their products/services to NEW CHANCES, they (new Supplier) will also receive TWICE the value of their products and will support the city and country automatically.


The referrer of the new business will receive in SPURT, from NEW CHANCES, as a BONUS, 20% of the total amount that the new business received in MySPURT (20% of twice the value of the products sold to NEW CHANCES). 20% of this amount will be used to support the city the referral lives in and 5% to the country of the referrer. He can use the MySPURT on his personal account (75% of the 20%) to pay for goods and services he wants to buy from the supplier he referred. (As soon as the now internal MySPURT is exchangeable, we will reduce 20% to 10%.)


The new business supplier sold his future production of 1.000.000 value to NEW CHANCES. He will receive this value twice, which is 2.000.000 SPU. He supports immediately his city, which will receive 20% is 400.000 SPU, and his country 5% is 100.000 SPU. The supplier receives on his account 1.500.000 SPU.
The referrer of this business receives 20% of the 2.000.000, which is 40.000 SPU. He provides immediately 20% as support to his city, which is 8.000 SPU and 5% to the country which is 2.000 SPU. On his personal account will be booked 30.000 SPU.


At least during the first 6 months of you being a MySPURT business client, you will get a compensation of 25% of all SPURT you USE to buy products you need for your business. This means that you buy your products for FREE!


A MySPURT client can pay the vendor with MySPURT.
A MySPURT client can earn MySPURT by bringing businesses he wants to buy stuff from to the MySPURT concept. He will earn, as a BONUS, 20% of the total value of the products from a year production the vendor is selling to NEW CHANCES (20% of the total value the vendor will receive. (See above.) He will offer 20% to his city and 5 % to his country. (20% is a PROMOTION offer and will be reduced as soon as the now internal MySPURT is exchangeable to 10%.)


A client brings a business with a yearly production of 500.000 in the value of the country of the business owner. The Business owner will receive 1.000.000 SPU, of which 20% is used to support the city he lives in and 5% to the country he lives in. Client receives 20% which is 200.000 SPU of which 20% (40.000 SPU) is used to support the city he lives in and 5% (10.000 SPU) to support his country. On his personal account he receives 150.000 SPU.
He can also receive SPU by working for the community and start doing business within the system and the community.
He can use the SPU placed on his personal account to pay for the products.


The city receives on all above cases 20% of the received SPU. These funds are under the control of a TEAM from Sound Prosperity Members, living in the city. The Team is called the Community, City, Country Support Fund [CSF]. They can be used for humanitarian projects and or to support small businesses in the community.
The country is receiving 5% of all cases under the same conditions.

In case the city/country is not yet connected to the MySPURT System, the funds will be placed on hold for the city/country, until they are ready to work with the money. The city/country can start doing business with NEW CHANCES too. They might, for example, sell the future production of houses, or energy. They can bring the project of building a hospital or  They can contract with their suppliers to accept MySPURT, safe the local currency in doing so and earn as a referrer.

The city/country will have to work with NEW CHANCES and Sound Prosperity, following the rules.