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SPURT Local will be the means to make SPURT known with all people and especially to support people in your community NOW.
There are many cities where a local currency or point system is already in place. Did you for example know that a now fairly large Swiss bank started with an internal currency without any connection to the Swiss Franc? Now you see on your balance what you have in Swiss Frank and in what is called WIR. Suppliers and vendors pay each other without any connection to the Swiss Frank? Is that not what we want to accomplish?
Another great example is the Bristol Pound in Bristol UK. Please see the video on how good Local money can work!

Another example is what is happening in Kenia

Another great idea is what UBUNTU is presenting: A small city can change the world.

You want SPURT to be used in your area?

  • Would it not be great when you in the future could pay with a SPURT Card in your local shops?
  • Would you not like to show your grocery and clothing shop that they can get the locals to pay with their SPURT Card?
  • What if you could offer the vendors to receive 50% of the total expected production in one year immediately in SPURT on their account, so that they can start to do business now already? They would have to pay a small fee, 2 ‰ of which you would earn half in Euro on your account in PayPal.

Benefit for the local shops

Many shops lose their clients to the Internet. What if local shops can advertise for their products in MySPURT and the clients can pick up the products in their own area and pay (partly) with SPURT. One of the service providers of your community can also start a service to bring the products home. Because you would accept payment (al least partly) in SPURT, locals might want to buy with you, for it is easy for them to get SPURT. If many shops in your town accept SPURT, even people with a SPURT account from other places, might come to visit your community.

Make SPURT your local community money

Remember: Everybody can have SPURT. See I offer a job . Put people to work to advertise for SPURT!
See under Business Ideas what you could arrange in your community!

A MySPURT account is FREE for supplier of goods and services offered to MySPURT, until the end of the year!

Local SPURT Promoter

You can be a LOCAL SPURT PROMOTER and earn money by bringing vendors and buyers together!

You visit local shops and offer them:

  1.  to buy a certain quantity of the production of the shop, perhaps even


    the total production for the next year. You would pay immediately 50% of the negotiated price in SPURT to their SPURT account.
  2. They will have to agree on a fix price per product in SPURT and or in other currency, so that it can be presented in your local community in MySPURT. By searching in the SPURT system on your region or city, people can find who is active in their region or city.
  3. The local shop now has SPURT to contact its own suppliers and offer the same to them, or you could offer the local shop that YOU would be the surrogate and talk to the suppliers.
  4. If the shop owner can use his SPURT to buy from his suppliers, he will be happy to receive SPURT from clients, especially if you can explain him that he will get the SPURT he is using this way 100% compensated.
  5. You might negotiate a certain percentage of everything the shop owner is selling through SPURT.
  6. Each of the vendors is paying 2‰ of the negotiated price to MySPURT and you earn 50% thereof in EURO on your account.
You now turn around, take all vendors you provided SPURT to in one package and negotiate with MySPURT about the SPURT you would receive for bringing the new vendors.  

You contact local Service providers:

  1. Local people*, would be able to offer services and get paid in SPURT immediately 50% of  their future service for the next year, from the Local SPURT Promoter. They will have to set a fix price per hour in SPURT and or in other currency, so that it can be presented in your local community in MySPURT. (at least 10% SPURT.) 
    • *Local people might be: already offering services, like carpenters, installers etc, or be unemployed but qualified, disabled but qualified, and elderly but qualified. Others may be volunteers.
  2. Offered services might be any professional service offered in your community by any service providers, but it can also be:
    • Caretaking, walking, shopping, gardening, painting, plumbing, tax advice, administrative help, assistance with learning, driving by car to a hospital for people who cannot do that on their own, babysitting  etc.

Support for local CLUBS: They might need support for:

  1. uniforms
  2. transport
  3. musical instruments
  4. you name it

Support unemployed, disabled people

  1. Offer them a job by teaching them how to advertise for SPURT.
  2. Offer them a job for the services mentioned above.
  3. Make them a valuable member in your society by letting them participate in whatever your community is doing.
  4. They can be paid in SPURT.through the "I offer a Job Program.)
You whole community can profit from introducing payment with SPURT. Shops will sell more, unemployed people can earn money by advertising, people needing help can be helped, for they have SPURT to pay for the
help they need.

There is one question that needs to be answered.

It might be necessary to get the currency from the country you live in to pay for some things that can only be paid with that currency. SPURT can in the future be exchanged through a certain process. This process will be done by MySPURT in the background, for MySPURT clients, so they can exchange SPURT into the currency of their choice. It not so that in the Starting Phase right now this is already possible. Please ask for specific instructions if you want to participate in this process yourself. Show the shop owners that this is secure money that they can see as saving capital and use to buy things themselves.

See what one of our clients is doing! Accepting SPURT for meat, locally, and promoting SPURT on his website. He won the city award for the business of the year!
Examples for doing business
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