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You want to earn SPURT? We want to pay you for what you do for us, and/or compensate you for your costs.


If you support your community, we will compensate you in SPURT!

If you are working for or with an NGO, we are here for you too!

If you want to do business with us, GREAT chances are waiting for you!


For better understanding, study the FAQ.

How can you be compensated for all you pay to be or stay physically healthy?

  1. Alternative treatments
  2. Gym
  3. Health equipment
  4. Healthy food
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Doctor bills
  7. Online classes to stay healthy (for example about food)
  8. Travel costs for hospital and doctors
  9. Supplements
  10. Other.

See: Your Health Your Happiness: GO for HEALTH

How can you be compenstate for all you pay to be or stay intelectually healthy?

  1. Study loans
  2. Study books 
  3. Travel costs for your study
  4. Home Schooling
  5. Online classes
  6. Other

See: Your Education Your Happiness.

Do you want a JOB?

  1. Here are open Jobs of Sound Prosperity available. (No charge.)
  2. You might do a great job by being an unpaid Volunteer. Your Church, school, club wants to get you a monthly payment in SPURT.
  3. You might be a care giver, a homeschooler. You might work in the church, in the sportclub, in the elderly home. You might take care of your parents. You want to register yourself.

If you are working with or for an NGO,

you might earn SPURT by the "Widow's Jar" Program.

You can earn huge amounts in SPURT

AND the combination to convert them to SPURT+ if you bring businesses, doctors, chiropracticer, service providers, shops, anyone offering products or services.

SHOW us what you want to EXPERIENCE in your life,

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