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Welcome to the MySPURT Newsletter of April 29, 2017

It is already  more than one month ago that we provided the latest Newsletter! Time is flying by!
Still many new clients are joining us and we welcome them to our great MySPURT organization.


Today we applaud:

some of our clients who undertake huge steps to spread the name of SPURT! We are very grateful for people like that! Congratulations!

1.      If you live in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada, you now can buy your meat and pay 100% in SPURT. Only available from the shop itself. No Emails! NO shipping! See the Marketplace after login!

2.      In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe a group of young people is starting spreading SPURT in their  community as the currency to work with. They have seen the video explaining how you can use SPURT to make your community better and are willing to go for it!

3.      Another group started to do the same in Johannesburg, South Africa!

4.      Prosperity Centers are being set up in all these areas.

5.      Other clients prefer to work in the background but also deserve our applause!

When will you do the same in your own community, in your own church, club?

The youngsters in Zimbabwe and South Africa are supported to find their LifeQuest before they even start to earn money by working with SPURT.
Without a VISION on what we want to do with our SPURT, we will go nowhere.

“As a man thinkth, so is he.”
-The Bible

 “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.
The mind is everything. 
What we think, we become.”

This brings us to the request for a Forum

Why do we  not believe that a Forum has any value and cannot support it? Forums TEND to be a place for complaints and inaccurate, or outdated information. We also know that people who do have complaints are most of the time not complaining about SPURT, but about the way they got SPURT in the first place. We do not want that negativity.
SPURT is created to solve problems for a lot of people, who would have lost all they thought they had.

The Exchange of SPURT

Most questions we receive are like: When will the debit cards be there? When can I use my many SPURT? How can I use them? How can I do business with them? When are you finally done with the Exchange?

In fact all these questions are proving that the quotes above are true. Think about it. How do you THINK about SPURT? You THINK that it ONLY can work if exchange is possible? WHY would we even NEED SPURT if the ONLY thing is: Convert it into the currency I am used to work with NOW, otherwise it has no value to me?! You might even think: It will NOT happen! We also believe that all this negativity is causing it to happen later than we all hoped for. For yes, exchange will change a lot, but, and you need to be very clear on this, it is NOT our GOAL. Our GOAL is to spread SPURT so you can USE it on a daily basis.
So please do not ask all these questions. It slows us down, literally, for we need to take time to answer these questions from our productive time. But much more important is:

SPURT’S Vision is:
Look happily forward to happy clients who trust SPURT.

You can be assured that we will publish  any positive, proven information on the website and per Newsletter immediately. When you do NOT get information about the development of SPURT by us, it might be that you hear wishful thinking.

Use of SPURT instead of Exchange

It is also important to think about the USE of SPURT instead of exchanging SPURT, because for example for projects you will need to bring a Business Plan where is clearly implemented how you want to USE your SPURT for buying from your suppliers or part of the wages etc. Examples can be found under Business. PLEASE start SEEING the possibilities instead of what is NOT possible. Your help in this is greatly appreciated.

We also applaud and thumbs up

the people working in the background to get SPURT convertible into other currencies, which means FIRST the debit cards and debts. We are very grateful for them too! We are so grateful that they go on, and on, and on and don’t give up!
They work ceaselessly, with great responsibility even if there are many contracts made and signatures placed at no result. They deserve deepest appreciation from all of us!

There are parties now assuring that they can put Gold behind SPURT. When that is also DONE it would be great! With others we are preparing a connection to their shops. Others even travel to countries where their influence is accepted and make connections needed to move forward.
Connections to banks are made too, so we all are trusting that we can move forward.

Please realize that even IF there would be money available for the Debit Cards and the debts, Step I in the Terms and Conditions for the use of SPURT, we still would need time to also get them and send them, so, please don’t expect it too quick. We really do not have a time!

We are also very grateful for the clients showing interested in becoming a Personal Account Manager (PAM) or BAM, KAM. There are not enough yet though to create Mastermind Groups for the development of the Prosperity Centers. So if you are interested, do so please. We have a lot to prepare.

Here are some of the most Frequent Asked Questions.

1.       Can I exchange my SPURT for other currencies?
No, you cannot. This is stated on several places in the website.

2.       Can you exchange my SPURT into SPURT+ ?
SPURT is ONLY exchangeable, in SMALL portions it you are working for SPURT, Sound Prosperity or your Community. See SPURT+.

3.      How can I do business with SPURT? Nobody wants to accept SPURT…
Yes you can! Because it is clearly NOT true that nobody wants to accept them. Clients ARE doing business with SPURT EACH day! In some cases BIG business. Their secret might be that they BELIEVE in SPURT and the value of it. It is all a matter of finding a person who can accept SPURT for the product they want to offer (like in the example for Bulawayo.)

4.      Can you please send me a new password?
Since we permit people to have more accounts with the same email address, we cannot provide an automatic reset. Since WE never change the password, you have to take responsibility for your password. If you lose it, you will have to pay 3,-- EURO through PayPal to info@myspurt.org to get a reset.

5.      Can you explain how to do business?
No, we cannot do that. We have several pages with suggestions: under Business. If you do not see how that would be possible, it might be better that you wait until exchange is possible.

6.      Are you speaking Spanish?
No, we do not speak Spanish. Please ask your questions by using Google translate.

Administrative notes:

  • There are still some of the older clients, that did not yet fill in their addresses. If you did not do it, please do so. In the fourth tutorials is shown how you can do that.
  • If you are not able to receive the Newsletter per email, please read the  Newsletter on the website.
  • We also provide now a Sign-Up form to ensure that you will receive our newest information.
  • If you register for a MySPURT account and you do NOT immediately receive an email for you to confirm, your provider is blocking emails from info@myspurt.org .Please go to your provider and find out how you can set this email address to your safe emails. (white list or filters). You will have to register anew. ALL clients please be sure to have us to your safe emails.

Thank you for your interest and your positive expectations and DEEDS for the use of SPURT.

Your MySPURT team.