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Your Church as example for other communities

The good thing for choosing the Church as community is that there is an organization behind it with all facilities to support people and they can profit from SPURT too. But there might be other “get rid of debt” organizations or even departments too you might contact. Or you set up your own organization. But it is not all about get rid of debt either. It is about letting your community flourish!
You are a member of your Church. What if all members of your Church would be a SPURT client and could pay their 10th with SPURT? What if the Church could start a team helping the people in Debt and all would have a SPURT account and their debts can be paid by using SPURT? What if the Church would want to support people who lost their way and help them get back on track?

How would that work?

Your Church explains their members that from now on they will accept money from their members in the form of SPURT. (The Church knows the way they can use SPURT to buy the currency of choice themselves, through SPU+ Crypto.) All members who want to take that chance register for an account, and will give their information to the Church and you will forward the list with new clients in one email to SPURT. You provide for all of them 500 SPU.  You do NOT provide the Church 500M or something like that!!!

You might want to spend all members of your Church a onetime payment of 5000 SPU. Or you might encourage them to do good things for the community and earn SPURT that way. The MOST important thing is that you start to see the real value of SPURT and NOT provide people 1.000.000 or even much more as happened in the past! That is NOT the way to help people! They all need to take their own responsibility.
You might have enough SPURT also to permit people with a debt till 100K to receive SPURT from you, let’s say 110%, so that they can work on their debt. You could ask them to pay you back in time with SPURT they earn by working for the Church or the community. Your Church will arrange this all, so that you just receive the numbers of the accounts and the amounts and don’t need to know the names of the people in debt, to protect their privacy. You could offer to pay all people on that list the amount of their debts (till 100K) and add 10% more, so that they can pay the fees, which will be required in SPU and still have something left.
The Church has a team supporting those people, so that the can learn how their debts can be resolved and that they don’t make new debts anymore, for this is a onetime offer.

There might be shop owners who are member of your church, willing to accept (partially) SPURT for their products/services. They will benefit enormously from accepting SPURT, for SPURT doubles the amount they are accepting in SPURT. Of course they also know how they can buy with those SPURT SPU+ Crypto.

How would this help people in your church?

The Church might have people working for them in all kind of groups to support each other, do fun things with kids etc. All those people can earn SPURT by working for their “employer” the Church, There will be a new version of “I offer a Job”, called SPURT Jobs. The EMPLOYER will receive the SPURT AND earn the same amount in SPURT as he will pay the employees.

This example that can be completed and extended as much as you want. It also can be extended to any other organization. Let’s say your SPORT Club, your MUSIC club, your Facebook group for your city.
You might have a project yourself in your town, or in your country, or abroad. Pick the idea and get it going.

For each new client you bring, you would earn the amount you spend for opening their new account in SPURT+.

Remember, we do NOT want you to transfer HIGH amounts to all these clients. JUST the amount they need to get their life back again.
The Church might start a project for people who might lose their homes or have no home.

The Church might have a project for people with Drug problems.
The Church might start a project for youngsters who cannot afford to go to good schools.

They might organize camps, vacations!

There are unending possibilities!

Remember: 1 SPURT+ is 1 EURO!!!! Don’t ever forget that!

So, get us new clients. They have nothing to lose, for you pay for their new account in SPURT and you provide them even 5000 SPURT. You might help them with their debts, so why should they NOT look at it.

If you use this example for a Club, the members might pay their Club Membership with SPURT. The Club might ask a contribution for a new building. The Club might pay their volunteers SPURT. Etc.