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How can I become a vendor? I have no money to buy anything.

Anyone can sell anything!

You find a Vendor or a Supplier where you can place an order for products or services for future delivery, based on a payment in advance with SPURT.    

The Supplier does not need to deliver the products or services yet, but you pay the supplier in advance in SPURT.

Now you start selling your products through the MySPURT Marketplace and/or you can also sell the products in advance to MySPURT, using the Pro Forma Invoice.

As soon as you have sold a few or all items and you have received the payment in the currency or money of choice, you can request the supplier to transfer back the SPURT you provided to the supplier and pay him with the currency or money of choice. You get the product, or let it ship directly to your client.

You receive provision from the supplier. Or the difference in price of what YOU pay and what the client is paying is the profit you want to make. (The deal between you and the supplier is your own deal.)  

Since you offer the products to MySPURT, you already receive 200% of the total of the Pro Forma invoice on your SPURT account, according to the Business Concept for SPURT. This way you earn not only the SPURT your clients provide you, but additionally SPURT, which you can use to start doing business immediately.  


  1. You can now do the same deal over and over again and gain more SPURT, with which you can do bigger deals and, or pay for your house, or buy another house and rent it and have an income.
  2. You would earn on the difference between the price you pay to the supplier and the price the client is paying to you.    
  3. Or you might earn on a certain percentage you might negotiate with the supplier.