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Fees and profits for offering production for one year

You can find people who would offer their future production to SPURT. These products or services would be offered in the MySPURT Shop for sale to all SPURT clients. The vendor will be paid upfront in SPURT 50% of the value of the products/services he is offering. He would deliver the product after he received the total payment from the client.

The person offering his production to SPURT can also use those SPURT immediately to do business. To encourage him doing business using his SPURT, he will be compensated 100% for the SPURT he is using in business with others, like buying his material from another Vendor. (This is a temporary offer.)

There will be a small fee, 2‰, in EURO for offering the products to SPURT, but 50% of this fee will be used to pay people referring the business in EURO.
The referrer will earn also, in SPURT, 2% of the offered amount on their SPURT account immediately. This means that with a total production of € 500.000 you would earn 10.000 SPURT and 500 EURO.

Additionally, the Vendor may receive a FREE SPURT account.