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MySPURT is only available through referring. The reason is the high standard we place on the use of SPURT. A referrer has the responsibilty to point his referees to the Terms and Conditions and convince himself that the client underwrites the Vision of SPURT.

Now we not only have SPURT in the MySPURT digital account, but also in the BSC Network for those who bought SPURT Crypto. Both SPURT are used within our platform and business can be done with it and IS done on high level. The more clients bought SPURT Crypto through BINANCE.COM (through BNB) the higher the value will be. The value IS one digital SPURT, ONE EURO.
To enlarge our platform, we offer all new clients 500 SPURT in ditigal currency and the option to buy SPURT Crypto.
All clients need to have a MySPURT account. There is a fee required for such an account, but to make it possible that clients can start to USE SPURT in Ethereum, we offer an INACTIVE MySPURT account for free.

To activate the account, you can find friends and family in your community to make the USE of SPURT easier. When you have 50 new friends, who all will receive 500 SPURT each (how hard can that be? :) ), your own SPURT account will be activated.
If you already have a MySPURT account, you will receive 500 SPURT in Ethereum.