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Opening a MySPURT account is easy. See this tutorial. Once you have registered through the button on the top-right hand side and paid for the initial required deposit, your registration will be processed. You will receive a notification once it is ready.
We noticed that some Email Providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, block emails from MySPURT.org already before they land in the SPAM. This happened if you did not immediately received an Email from MySPURT after registration. Please add info@... (see above)  to your safe emails (white list). In Gmail you go to Settings, Filters and set "never to SPAM".

The initial deposit of at least 50 EURO can be transferred using PayPal to the email address: info@myspurt.org (see tutorial on how to pay EURO through PayPal.)

If you live in Europe. please use this information.

Since we understand that not all people earn the same amount and their income differ, we decided to permit different initial deposits, for we believe that SPURT should be accessible for all people.

This means that we will accept that people for example in Greece pay less as people in Switzerland or Norway, just as people in New York earn more as someone in El Salvador. A request can be sent per email.


  1. The initial required deposit is 50 EURO for which you will receive 50 SPURT on your account.
  2. If you add products to the Marketplace (after login), you will receive, during ONE month after opening your account, 50 SPURT for EACH approved product. As soon as you added a product, send a message to the system, so the add can be checked upon and you can get paid.
Everybody has something to sell, so take your chance.
You now can also look for a product, by searching for the country.

Open a SPURT account and get the following:
  • Unlimited deposits or transfers.
  • No transfer fees.
  • Access to online banking tools.

Would you like to treat your friends or acquaintances with a SPURT account? We love to reward you for your referrals.

Read the Friends deal.

It is clear that if a client is paying higher amounts, you will be compensated better. (See Friend's Deal.)

For better understanding, please see the FAQ.


FAQ of Sound Prosperity