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Opening a MySPURT account is easy. See this tutorial. Once you have registered through the button on the top-right hand side and paid for the initial required deposit, your registration will be processed. You will receive a notification once it is ready.
We noticed that some Email Providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast, block emails from MySPURT.org already before they land in the SPAM. This happened if you did not immediately received an Email from MySPURT after registration. Please add info@... (see above)  to your safe emails (white list). In Gmail you go to Settings, Filters and set "never to SPAM".

The initial deposit is 500 SPU or 500 Euro, or 1 ETHER

Your Sponsor can transfer 500 SPU account openings fee to account 5788362 (user to user). Descripton: For (Name of new client) Email address used to register the account: (Email address.)

After we received the fee, we will activate your account and you will receive a confirmation.

You might stay in contact with your Sponsor, so he might transfer some funds into your account.

Open a SPURT account and get the following:
  • Unlimited deposits or transfers.
  • No transfer fees.
  • Access to online banking tools.
  • Access to Crypto SPU+

No Sponsor

Although we normally only open accounts for referred clients, you might have a chance to open an account by sending your passport and credentials to info @ MySpurt.org and wire 500 Euro to our bank account, or pay with ONE ETHER.

Please fill in this form, so we get to know you and you might have a chance to be sponsored.