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MySPURT is only available through referring. The reason is the high standard we put on the use of SPURT. A referrer has the responsibilty to point his referrees to the Terms and Conditions and be convinced that the client underscribes the Vision of SPURT. This will take time and  we wish to value that with a small reward.

People who have no referrer can contact MySPURT and will have to answer personal questions and preferably a proof of good standing.

Would you like to treat your friends or acquaintances with a SPURT account? We love to reward you for your referrals. How?

  • For every friend or acquaintance who opens a new account MySPURT, your Friends Deal is € 10,- (20%) which will be deposited in your PayPal account.
  • After you referred 5 new clients, paying each € 50,- for the initial deposit in their MySPURT account, you also might chose to have the 6th person from your credits. This might save you PayPal fees. Please let MySPURT know what you prefer.
  • When a friend or acquaintance makes a first deposit of at least € 100,-, your Friends Deal increases to 25%. If the initial deposit would be € 100.- you would receive € 25,-  in your PayPal account.
Friends initial deposit Your Reward in PayPal
€ 50,- € 10,-- (20%)
€ 100,- or more € 25,- (25%)
Are you an active promoter of MySPURT, referring 3 or more friends monthly? Your benefits are even greater:
  • Referring 3 or more friends a month gives you permission to send an email request for the exchange of your SPURT into SPURT+ for the total amount paid. (For example 3x 50 EURO).

Additional Bonus: All clients who presented 30 new clients can have three accounts for free!

Start referring SPURT to your friends and acquaintances today.

HERE you can register for your SPURT account..