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Rev. May 17, 2018.

SPURT is a platform that provides you with a new way of doing business.

SPURT is your New Digital Money, created to make it easier to make commercial transactions. It can be used to buy or sell, offer services and goods to other SPURT account holders, and to create new opportunities participating with any party accepting SPURT as payment instrument.


You can transfer any amount of SPURT to other accounts. Transferring SPURT between SPURT accounts is free of charge. You transfer funds to another account on your own risk. MySPURT cannot transfer funds back to your account. There is an option to block funds.

It is not permitted to offer SPURT to others for a much lower value than the real value of SPURT in exchange for other currencies. One SPURT has a value of one USD and one EURO.
Allowing that would diminish the value of SPURT. Offering such a deal would lead to freezing your account.


If you want to transfer SPURT for a contract with a term, it would be wise to let your funds be blocked for the benefit of that client on your own account. You could request a Blocked Fund Letter for the person.

There is a fee required for a blocked fund account. Blocked accounts can only be set up with the assistance of MySPURT Admin.


Before you can take money out of SPURT and, by doing business, transfer it into the currency of choice, you will have to provide your information to the Crypto currency exchangers or the bank used by New Chances.


While banks offer interest and have SWIFT capabilities, SPURT is neither an exchange house nor a bank. It is a platform bringing people together who wish to do business using SPURT.


The new user must be a person of 18 years or older. Minors must obtain formal permission from a parent or guardian.


MySPURT is only available for people who are referred. The reason for this are the high standards we set on the use of SPURT.
A referrer has the responsibility to point his people to the Terms & Conditions and to be convinced that the interested person shares the vision of SPURT.


If you do not have someone who referred you, you can contact MySPURT. There will be some personal questions asked. Preferably a certificate of good conduct is presented.


SPURT uses the symbols SPU, SPU+ and MSP, which are the abbreviations of SPURT, SPURT+ and Mega SPURT. Mega Spurt is used for high amounts. MSP are only to be used within the system.  With SPURT+ you can buy Crypto SPU+.

SPURT+ Crypto

Now there is the opportunity to use your SPURT+ to buy SPURT+ Crypto, which can be used to buy other currencies, included USD.


You can find the rules under MySPURT Marketplace.

MySPURT Vision

We emphasize to point out that we will only accept you as our client when you have acknowledged and agreed to be and remain in compliance with the Vision of MySPURT. The client complies with this Vision by accepting the Terms and Conditions in the Registration Form agreeing thereby to the following statement:

“By registering for a MySPURT account I declare and affirm I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of MySPURT. I further declare and affirm that I am an honest and honorable person and will act in good faith in my dealings with MySPURT as well as in all my dealings with others. I also declare and affirm that the funds from MySPURT, "SPURT" will be used to enhance and enrich mankind, that I will only use the funds to do business ventures for good purposes (not evil ones) and that I will not knowingly waste the riches of the earth to the detriment of mankind”.