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MySPURT is only available through referring. The reason is the high standard we place on the use of SPURT. A referrer has the responsibilty to point his referees to the Terms and Conditions and convince himself that the client underwrites the Vision of SPURT. This will take time and we wish to value that with a small reward.

People who have no referrer can see the information at the bottom of the Open a MySPURT account page.

All clients are expected to refer 10 new clients.
Would you like to treat more of your friends or acquaintances with a SPURT account? We love to reward you for your referrals. How?

Start referring SPURT to your friends and acquaintances today.

HERE you can register for your SPURT account

  • If you refer a business accepting SPURT for products or services or selling his future production to SPURT, you receive 50 Credits. You can use these Credits to buy SPURT/ETH to unblock your own account.(in case you could not afford to pay upfront), or place it on your SPURTin ETH account.
  • For every new Client you refer, buying SPURT/ETH for his initial deposit, you earn 5 Credits. After you referred 10 new clients you earned 50 Credits.
  • You can use these credits to place on your SPURT/ETH account.
  • If you, to start with, could not afford to pay for the initial deposit, you can use these credits to get your SPURT account unblocked. Now your account is active and ready to do business with..