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Procedure for Buying Products and Services using of SPURT

The products and services in the MySPURT Marketplace are presented by the supplier.

There is a certain amount to be paid in SPURT. If there is no SPURT amount declared in the price, you can report this to MySPURT.

Buying from the supplier

Let's take an example:

You buy a Wall decoration from the Marketplace. The offered price is 133 USD and 27 SPURT. You contact the supplier, account 1242444, Alina.
Alina will send you a request to pay 27 SPURT. She can send this payment request  from her account to your account. To continue the process of purchasing the Wall decoration, you would transfer the SPURT as soon as possible.

Another (electronic) invoice will then be sent to you by Alina with the remaining cost for the Wall decoration in USD, the currency Alina is accepting, in this case, 106 USD. As soon as the full amount is paid, Alina will provide the photo under her own guarantee-conditions. (In her bookkeeping, the product is sold for the promotional price ($106,--) (i.e. $133,-- minus the SPURT).

When Alina is using the received SPURT for her inventory, she will profit from the Business Concept for SPURT. This counts only for people who offered their future production of one year per contract to New Chances and received SPURT for it.

Example Using SPURT:

Alina might have to pay for the printing of a photo, she might need a new photo camera. She might need screws and a screwdriver or hammer, for she wants to make her shop better. If these products are bought and paid for with SPURT, there will be a 100% compensation, i.e. Alina will have that amount of SPURT assigned to her account and in fact those products did not cost her anything (for she is compensated.)

In case Alina is NOT using her SPURT to buy material she might need, she might want to get USD for her SPURT but... she will not profit.